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    Gerard Johnstone, director of M3GAN, in an interview about popular success and the sequel

    The incredibly popular horror film, which is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and technologically, was discussed by editor-in-chief Tyler Treese and M3GAN conductor Gerard Johnstone. The conductor talked about the film’s bizarre achievement,# 8217, and his plans for a follow-up.

    &# 8220, M3GAN is a work of art in artificial intelligence that reads the synopsis of the movie # 8217, symbiosis, and is programmed to be an adult doll that is also the child’s greatest companion and parent, as well as the greatest ally. &# 8220, created by the brilliant roboticist Gemma, allows M3GAN to listen, observe, and learn while acting as a friend, protector, friend and speaker. When Gemma unexpectedly takes care of her 8-year-old sister, she makes the decision to give the lady an M3GAN design, which has unfathomable repercussions. &# 8221,

    Tyler Treese: M3GAN was certainly enjoyable. Because there were so many teens in the reader when I saw it, I thought it was so fantastic that it received a PG-13 rating. Everyone had a fire, and the theater just caught up to it, giving the impression that it was the intended audience. Can you discuss PG-13 repulsion and that ranking? There appears to be a negative attachment between there and # 8217 from horror fans, but this was undoubtedly successful.

    Gerard Johnstone: Yeah, it’s funny. Often when I see the criticism, when they say, “It would’ve been so much better if it didn’t hold back.” I don’t know if they’d get what they thought they wanted, if it would really impact them that much. I mean, I haven’t had enough of a conversation with those people, but I felt like tonally, the film was so close to PG-13. I mentioned it in pre-production. “Should this be something that we are considering?” The producers felt quite strongly to make it an R and I guess my schizophrenic hardcore horror younger self was like, “Yeah, okay, cool, let’s go for it!” But it seemed not necessary and when we went PG-13, there was only a couple of cuts we needed to make.

    It’s great to hear that friends of mine have taken their kids to see it, and it &# 8217 is just something to do. In my opinion, it is always better if it can play to a larger audience. Look, man, Puss in Boots ] The Last Wish ] is the only option when you &# 8217, re a parent, are attempting to take your children to the movie. There is nothing else to take your kids to, so it makes sense why that thing and # 8217 is so popular at the box office.

    When I watched the uncut cut, I found it intriguing that going PG 13 didn’t just result in any losses. You continue to receive payment, and occasionally, by letting your own imagination handle the more difficult points, you complete the task and remain equally productive. What did watching the movie in those two several formats teach you? That both worked so well, in my opinion, was very appealing.

    I haven’t watched the unrated one since we finished it in the edit suite, # 8217. I still haven’t had time to watch it and I have to wait, # 8217. Laugh ] I’m happy about it. I wish I had more time to practice, as I usually do, but I’m feeling good. The uncut edition was unquestionably loved by the person I spoke with. It &# 8217, I suppose, is just that different people enjoy different things.

    The good advertising that Universal did was one thing that really stood out about the movie. How did it know that they completely hid behind it? It was a lot of fun to watch them parade various M3GANs into various towns and functions. How was it possible to see that they were the movie’s backers?

    Simply amazing. It feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A few weeks prior, I had even gone to watch a Dodgers adventure at SoFi Stadium. Because a friend was going and it was like, &# 8220, Wow, I was able to go for free. I’m not really a football fan, like I am, but being in that stadium was surreal. &# 8221 Then, when I saw some M3GANs leaving in a halftime show with# 8230 one month later, I realized how significant that was because I &# 8217 had been in that stadium. It was amazing. How the movie blew up and spread throughout the world. Every week, it seemed as though &# 8230 would appear, and then Drew Barrymore would transform into a M3GAN and an SNL skit. It was simply fantastic. Yes, it was incredibly satisfying.

    It’s a little strange, in my opinion, to see something you put so much effort into just make such an impact on pop culture. We &# 8217, after seeing it go viral on TikTok, the dance scene completely took off. What made this nature, in which you invested a lot of effort, stand out as being quite well received?

    Making the movie was extremely difficult, and making the right choices was very challenging. To the expense of my preparation, I was working on getting that costume right and# 8230 for her. I don’t know if I would have spent that time just making sure that the costume was memorable, but I’m not sure. I’m not sure if she would, but I don’t think we would have gotten those features perfect. Yes, it felt wonderful, but it also served as a reminder that I was ignorant of global affairs. I had no idea that this would go viral on TikTok. I knew what TikTok was because I was on the periphery of it, but today I understand. Despite how stupid the society is, it seems to be working in our favor.

    The fact that M3GAN 2.0 was also announced shortly afterward must also be really encouraging. How thrilling is it that this world will go on and that these tales will continue to be told thanks to your performance?

    Oh, it &# 8217 is fantastic. It’s just incredible to think that M3GAN could be alongside these characters as I stroll around Universal Studios and see all these iconic characters, including # 8230 and # 8217. It’s really cool that she could be her private organization and that I helped create it. You hope for something like this to occur when you start making pictures, but you can never really count on it. I feel fantastic, now yeah. It &# 8217, it’s almost like I can unwind now.[ Laugh ]

    I am aware that we cannot discuss any specifics, but have you heard of potential locations for the movie?

    Yes, James ] Wan ] had the idea that he was playing around, and I believe it to be a good one. I also believe that it helps us determine where we should go in the sequel, so I’m talking to them about it this week. I believe it &# 8217 is crucial to determine where we have opportunities to explore other topics and bring a freshness to it in order to somehow give people what they want and all the things they loved about the first movie, but in ways that they are not expecting.

    I was astonished by how you managed to strike the right balance between despair and humor. My favorite scene is when M3GAN performs Titanium at # 8220. &# 8221, How did you decide on that song?

    I recall writing a number of profound things to M3GAN to mention to Cady while I was working on that picture. Every rendition of the image was simply meandering along and didn’t feel like it had a conclusion. When I was considering a stage in the future where I wanted M3GAN to play the piano and pay homage to Lestat. I just realized, &# 8220, Holy sh * t, that & # 8217, is perfect when I came across a YouTube video of someone singing that song while playing the toy piano. That song’s lyrics are really great. &# 8221, I went and sort of added that, and it was just one of those things that made me laugh right away. However, it &# 8217 is evidence of how much fun it was to create a character like this. She was merely a friendly item that kept on giving.

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