Saturday, June 3, 2023

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    The PlayStation Studios life is pleased to welcome Firewalk Studios.

    I’m’m thrilled to welcome Firewalk Studios to PlayStation Studios and to announce that our relationship with them has grown. A wonderfully talented group of designers who have introduced some of gaming’s’s most well-known views work at Firewalk, and they are currently hard at work on their first initial AAA online game for PlayStation.

    We have been impressed by the team’s’s plans to create a contemporary multiplayer game that connects players in fresh and inventive way ever since we announced our publishing partnership with ProbablyMonsters and Firewalk in 2021. The workshop shares our enthusiasm for building compelling worlds with first-rate game, and we want to keep funding their endeavors. In order to expand our survive support operations and provide something truly unique for gamers, Firewalk is excited to bring their technical and creative expertise to PlayStation Studios. & nbsp,

    Please come with me as I welcome Firewalk! & nbsp,

    You get to experience an experience every once in a while.

    Over five years ago, we seized the opportunity to open a new workshop and create an entirely new Internet. We created Firewalk Studios with the intention of delivering great moments — those great, had-to-be-there times shared with others. We did this by thinking back on our own favorite times with video games. Delivering those joyous times to players all over the world is our aim.

    It has been an extremely thrilling and persistently difficult task to build a new workshop at scale. Luckily, we have had excellent partners throughout. Sony has supported our project and our creative ideas since the beginning, and Monsters likely helped us turbocharge the workshop.

    To create awe-inspiring new worlds and experiences with fantastic core game, we’ve’ve gathered some of the most talented skill in the field. The company and our colleagues have been playtesting every day as a result of the excitement of creating something new for gamers.

    We’re’re joining PlayStation Studios today as the next logical step. For years, we have collaborated attentively with Hermen and the exceptionally talented PlayStation group, improving our brand-new game. We are honored to fully join PlayStation Studios, a company that has created many of the most illustrious activities of our time.

    We want to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped us along the technique and is thinking about the future. We didn’t wait for the next chapter of this experience because it has already been an amazing vacation.

    &# 8211, Ryan Ellis and Tony Hsu
    Firewalk Studios’ studio head and tournament director

    By PlayStation Official blog (

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