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    Sam Raimi Writing a Collection Bible, Bruce Campbell Discusses Proposed Evil Dead Pictures

    Bruce Campbell, a dread icon and series star, has revealed some information regarding the frequency of upcoming Evil Dead films. The artist also revealed that Sam Raimi, the series’ father, has been working on a series bible.

    Campbell was questioned about the next steps the Evil Dead company would need to take in order to expand while speaking with AV Club. He stated that the team intends to produce Evil Dead movies a little more frequently, aiming for&# 8220, every two or three years, and # 8221, as opposed to every ten. The stories will now advance more.

    Campbell said, “&# 8220, I think the stories will advance a little bit more now, and # 8221.” &# 8220, Instead of every 10 years, we’re’re going to try to do them more frequently, like every two or three years. &# 8221,

    Campbell also revealed that Sam Raimi is collaborating with his brother Ivan to create a series book that can be passed down from one construction to the next in order to strengthen the connection between the movies and # 8220. &# 8221,

    Additionally, Sam is collaborating with his brother Ivan for the first time to draft an entire Bible that will provide aspiring authors and directors a sense of where to take it now in order to possibly connect some of these stories, and # 8221, he added. &# 8220, I believe it will become a little more constrained as the years pass. However, it’s’s all about the books. It might be a guide from the former or the future. It has not yet been decided. &# 8221,

    Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Robert Tapert, Romel Adam, John Keville, and Macdara Kelleher wrote and directed the newest movie in the collection, Evil Dead Rise. Presently, the movie Evil Dead Rise is playing in cinemas.

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