Saturday, June 3, 2023

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    Sports are the week’s’s show.

    We asked you to share amazing sports-related moments using the # PSshare and @ PSBlog last week. The highlights of this week are as follows: & nbsp,

    Imroyank Kratos is prepared to serve as Fortnite’s’s best player of the year.

    Gurararala playing an odd hockey game in Ghostwire: Tokyo

    A close-up of a speeding vehicle in Dirt 5 is shown in AjGamingPics1.

    In Riders Republic, a shimo_ ps Bunny mask skier is descending the slopes.

    A beautiful soccer ball close-up in FIFA 23 by Soratobichan

    In WWE 2K23, RhodWulfLeon The Rock delivers the blow.

    To view more entries for this week’s’s theme, search # PSshare @ PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram. Do you want to appear in the upcoming Share of the Week? & nbsp,

    THEME: Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s Thread
    SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on April 26, 2023

    With images from the Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s’s Thread release, next week will be eerie. For a chance to be featured, share images that capture the eerie atmosphere of Tokyo with # PSshare # PPSBlog.

    By PlayStation Official blog (

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