Saturday, June 3, 2023

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    Prepare to drag additional ethereal aberrations.

    We released the popular fishing game Dredge on the PS5 and PS4 a month ago, and we and # 8217 have been ecstatic. We are grateful that you are enjoying your time fishing in The Marrows and exploring the perilous waters beyond, We &# 8217. & nbsp,

    We &# 8217 is happy to announce that Dredge will receive additional eldritch experiences throughout the year, including three free updates and a brand-new paid adventure featuring the Ironhaven Corporation, an organization you may have heard mentioned in passing by some of the game’s players. In the abyss beneath, there is more on that.

    Extended functionality for the in-game map is one of the features that so many of you have asked for, and we &# 8217 are excited to introduce it with our first free update in May. With the addition of image markers, you will be able to choose from a variety of colored icons that represent everything from perils, shipwrecks, mysteries, and more, making navigation between locations easier than before. This email will also include some changes and balance adjustments.

    Two different types will create very different ways to experience Dredge in our next release. Individuals who prefer a less extreme experience can use the first type, Passive Mode. Monsters that typically attack fishing boats won’t be as intense, allowing players to concentrate on their fishing and take in the peaceful surroundings. & nbsp,

    The second type of this update is another highly anticipated aspect: Photo mode. However, we’re going a different route than simply adding the power with the straightforward menu method. A new in-game nature will be added to our picture way when it debuts, assisting players in unlocking their camera skills and sharing tips on where to find some of the nearby coastal wildlife as subjects for your photography. Some of these characters will also be brand-new in this update. The mode will be” hooked” into the PlayStation’s screenshot sharing feature, allowing you to share your photos, whether they are of majestic whales or terrifying underwater monsters.

    Boat customizations like color schemes and flags will be included in our second complimentary update. You and # 8217 will unlock new boat paint schemes and flags to really make your fishing vessel stand out as you explore Dredge’s coastlines and bayous. Later in the year, we’ll have more details on both improvements two and three.

    Now, we’ll be creating a paid, completely additional DLC with the enigmatic Ironhaven Corporation. They &# 8217 are attempting to set up a cutting-edge drilling operation in the region to revitalize the towns and populations, but their ultimate objective is unknown. You might learn the truth about their possible malicious activities as you gather materials to build new structures and biomatter to fuel the rig, interact with new people, create new tools, and catch fresh fish.

    We hope you keep having fun in Dredge, and we can’t wait to tell you about these fresh updates and experiences. Excited angling!

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