Saturday, June 3, 2023

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    Announcing the New Buddy Referral Program for Game Pass: Invite Your Friends and Use Up

    We’re introducing the Xbox Game Pass Friend Referral provide today because we believe that playing video games with friends is best. This offer allows PC game pass members and those who own Windows 10 to give up to five friends a complimentary 14-day PC Game pass trial. To use the free trial, invited colleagues must be original to Game Pass.

    Simply click the” Supply PC Game Pass” button to share Friend Referral offers on the Home screen of the game complete.

    The independent trial includes all the advantages of PC Game Pass, including different Xbox Game Studios releases on day one, an EA Play rank, and access to Riot Games’ largest PC and mobile teams on PC. To access the best agents, warriors, mini-legendas, XP increases and more in Valorant, League of Legend, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra, connect your Riot Games login to your Xbox account.

    A curated library of lots of top-notch Personal computer games from renowned builders around the world, including Forza Horizon 5, Sea of Thieves, and more, is available to you through PC Game Pass. There is always something new to play because different activities are being added all the time. The Game Pass collection will soon be available here, where you can learn more about the newest activities.

    This also implies that you can start playing Redfall right away and present PC Game Pass with more friends as of today.

    The best place to start for new members exploring the program is with the Xbox game on a PC. You can use PC games, download the Xbox app, and link and talk with friends on different devices.

    For more Game Pass updates, be sure to keep an eye on Xbox Wire, @ XboxGamePass, and @ ExboxBookPassPC.

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