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    Integration: A Zaun-reimagining League of Legends tale

    The Creative Director and Co-Art Director for Consolidation: A League of Legends Story is me, Eric Angelillo. In order to create vibrant and# 038, transcendent experiences with players all over the world, I also co-founded Double Stallion games ten years ago. I adore creating strong action games with beautiful stylized graphics that are influenced by the best comics and animation. Good games, in my opinion, are created when engagement and art completely complement one another.

    Our initial objective with Convergence was to portray Zaun as a vibrant, lively city teeming with colors, characters, and wonders waiting to be discovered rather than just as the dark, polluted metropolis it &# 8217 is typically portrayed as. We aimed to reflect Zaun’s own perspective on his home, which was a city of progress and an adventure playground, by viewing him through Ekko &# 8217 ‘ eyes.

    Everything was framed from Ekko &# 8217’s perspective, which served as the foundation for our distinctive approach to the art direction. We used the three fundamental pillars of poetry, BOLD, ELECTRIC, and VIBRANT, to communicate this. We were eventually able to express our inner artistic vision despite Riot Forge’s advice on how to portray technology, fashion, and other things.

    Technology and architectural style were prioritized while adhering to Zaun &# 8217, but we also went above and beyond with colors, design shapes, line art, and more. We were greatly inspired by comic books, which inspired us to use major lineart, black painted shadows, and color halftones. Halftones presented an intriguing problem and contributed to the vividness of foreground elements.

    By focusing the experience in Zaun, Ekko &# 8217’s hometown, we aimed to explore its diversity by building a number of exciting locations, including streets, sewers, factories, fairground, gardens, and more. A welcome change from the urban settings, the Cultivair, a sizable enclosed garden from League &# 8217,s lore, became the game’s focal point.

    We featured settings like Factorywood, which was mentioned in a report about Ekko, and made different facilities like the train, like Chaincrawler, using short stories and comedian about Zaun and its Champions. Convergence offered a great chance to expand on Zaun &# 8217’s environment, which the MOBA had not fully explored.

    We sprinkled easter eggs throughout the game that refer to the undercity &# 8217, its most illustrious inhabitants, as the city of Zaun is home to so many amazing champions. We sincerely hope that lovers will find these hidden pearls enjoyable.

    We prioritized having several layers of parallaxing investments in our 2D sport in order to give Zaun the appearance of a bustling place. As a result, we were able to add depth and give environments an engaging look. We also made it a point to keep the world alive by constantly moving on-screen, whether it was gas, dripping water, flickering lights, or tiny creatures scurrying about.

    We &# 8217, through our 2D environmental storytelling, aimed to present a new, vibrant perspective on the city of Zaun while remaining true to the world of League of Legends. We can’t wait for individuals to have Convergence first because we are so proud of it.


    Consolidation: A League Of Legends Story, a story-driven, single-player 2D action platformer created by Double Stallion Games, features strong combat and distinctive exploration possibilities thanks to Ekko’s time and space travel. To learn from your errors and beat each new foe, go back in time and pause your actions. Will it be sufficient to safeguard Zaun’s outlook?

    Release date for Integration: A League Of Legends Story is May 23, 2023.

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