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    How to Shoot a Dragon’s Skin

    Hello folks! Dan here, and the Ludus Future party and I have developed Face of Demons, the adventure of my dreams. After a few years of arduous work and difficulties, it has now been made available on Xbox! Before I tell you who, what, and how to shoot in this game, I would advise you to follow the trailer to learn more about the sport.

    Demonskin screenshot

    Face of Demons is 3D platform game with RPG elements mainly focused on the melee combat. My main source of inspiration was Severance: Blade of Darkness–although the game is 20 years old and just a few people remember it, I personally still find its melee combat system the best one.

    However, Severance: Blade of Darkness had a significant drawback in that the problems curve wasn’t optimized for both. The rivals were too intense, the game mechanics were brand-new and challenging, and it wasn’t at all a recreation for casual players. Men frequently had trouble learning how to play it. Perhaps now wasn’t the best time for such a strategy. As for me, I’ve made the decision to develop a platformer-style game with many of my personal ideas while still maintaining the same feeling.

    Roy, our principal nature, can take on three different combat positions in the game. He may aim for the enemy’s mouth, torso, or legs by switching directions. To avoid foe attacks, the player must turn stances quickly. More magnificent and potent packages are revealed with each new level. Person should always pay attention to poise level in the meantime. Roy attacks little more quietly once he is out of breath.

    Demonskin exterior

    At first, we wanted the personality to be unable to launch any incidents in that situation, just like in Severance: Blade of Darkness, but our locality didn’t like that.

    Additionally, we have created a system of extra disorders that will randomly seem during combat. You can choose and carry out this episode right away as the position indicator turns blue. Although it hasn’t lessen your problems, it will give you enough time to launch a powerful harm.

    The player would quickly dispatch the enemy if they had less than 30 % of their health points left at this point. These mechanics are helpful for both hardcore gamers and casual individuals who are more interested in narrative because they allow them to perform a” fatality” without the use of any special button combination.

    The primary character gains understanding with each new attack, which can be converted into things to improve their fundamental stats, Health, Stamina, and Attack. Leveling up opens up new weapons combinations. By the way, as the player moves through the game and gathers the crystal shards, the author’s appearance equally alters.

    Demonskin screenshot

    Roy is equipped with a variety of weapons, including blunt( hammers) and slashing( swords, axes ). Slashing weapons are 30 % less effective than blunt weapons against other types of monsters, but they cause 100 % damage to the” fleshy” enemies. In order for Roy to work 100 % of potential problems, it would be wise to choose a blunt weapons before dealing with bugs, skeletons, or golems.

    All arms fall into one of three categories: typical, customized, and objects. While a personalized weapon deals three to five times damage, the artifact one causes 10 to 15 times magic damage( though only if the special bar is full at the time of attack ). This is because the quality of your weapon also affects the weapon combo damage and # 8211, & nbsp. With each attack, this table gradually fills up.

    Demonskin interior

    There is no doubt that Enemies in Face of Demons are interesting. There are well-known adversaries like dead, monsters, necromancers; dwarves. golems and several beasts because I prefer to stick to the High story lore. It’s important to note that they come from various factions and occasionally engage in combat; for instance, Derger( dwarf ) is hostile toward undead or insects but refuses to engage golems as he creates them. The person must decide what to do should they find themselves in such a situation because mantises attack spider as soon as they see them.

    In essence, everyone is out for themselves. For example, if a person moves on to the next destination, they discover three dwarves engaged in combat with an enormous mantis. Perhaps it would be best to hold off on engaging in combat. The number of enemies on each level is low, and they don’t game, so waiting for the outcome will determine whether to participate or simply pass by with the tried-and-true roll move without gaining any experience points.

    Demonskin character

    Each adversary behaves in a distinctive way. They simply keep moving forward carelessly because monsters and bones are already dead. Because they are more cunning, wolves and monsters frequently launch their attacks at the appropriate time. Dwarfs have the option of consuming a health potion while the person is attempting to avoid an episode or, in the opposite case, knocking the pot out of their hands and obstructing healing. A human enemy is assume a combat stance when it comes into view, indicating that it won’t be an easy task for the player. On the other hand, an insect may attempt to delve into the yard before attacking from the opposite direction. For specifics make hostile encounters much less predictable and more interesting and call for a thoughtful approach from the gamer.

    In a sense, there are no bosses in the game because, in my opinion, Face of Demons‘s game complements the description of” powerful character” better. In Face of Demons, these strong characters may run into the person wherever it is consistent with the story, unlike in many other games where the manager fight is typically staged at a specific point in the level.

    Demonskin castle

    Unlike many other base games, Face of Demons requires you to travel across a static location from one checkpoint to another. Imagine Roy, for instance, running through the snow cave as a large golem rips off the head of his companion, which the player afterwards discovers. There is cabbage inside this broken head, which is also repairable.

    Another instance involves Roy being surrounded by remains when a creature resembling the Treant emerges from the woods, confronts them, and aids Roy in fleeing. Roy might appear to be safe, but an evil wizard casts a terrible blow avalanche by casting an eerie meteorite magic. Similarly occurrences frequently add a lot of unexpected delights to the game.

    In any case, it is up to you to take any of these actions, select strategies, and vanquish the bad. I tried my best to provide you with the best Face of Demons have possible. I’m eagerly awaiting your input and sincerely hope you like the game!

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    Face of Demons – is a brutal hack’n’slash set in a rough dark fantasy world, which combines unique combat mechanics, RPG and fighting game elements, and even some platformer features. With the flexible combat system each player can come up with their own unique tactic by skillfully combining stances with various types of weapons to achieve the ultimate efficiency in battle.The darkness has got into the far off corners of the universe and threatens the world. Only the mighty Order of Wanderers whose members possess superhuman divine powers can resist that threat. One of the Wanderers witnesses a sinister ritual of restoring a powerful ancient artifact. In an attempt to break off the ceremony he gets into a flow of energy released by the artifact and instantly turns into a demon!Wanderer is now eager to regain his former appearance but to do so he needs the artifact which was stolen afterwards. The hero sets on a path to find it, fighting the hordes of demons along the way.Other features:Sophisticated combat system. Improve your skills by mastering various stances for lightning-fast parrying and inflicting maximum damage with spectacular finishing moves! Keep an eye on the level of stamina and other indicators of the character’s physical condition – all these features directly affect the outcome of the battle.Huge arsenal for killing monsters. There are more than 30 types of edged and blunt weapons at your disposal and each type is only effective against a certain type of enemies. You can destroy enemies even with your bare hands – it’s not as effective but still a lot of fun!Gloomy landscapes in the spirit of dark fantasy: from the icy wastelands and deep dungeons to the twilight forests and abodes of the undead. This cruel world lives a life of its own, but terrifying creatures that inhabit it are not always hostile. On your way, you will not only meet enemies but also powerful allies!

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