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    How to make the DualSense Edge mobile controller better for gaming

    A key feature of the DualSense Edge mobile control for the PlayStation 5 is participant choice. The highly personalized, high-performance characteristics give players a wide range of customization options for game. Who better to share advice on tuning your DualSense Edge mobile control than the engineers who create the matches? The variety of options available excite both players and designers likewise.

    The DualSense Edge mobile control can be used to improve play in a fresh Developer Experience Series that highlights ideas from developers at Santa Monica Studio, EA Sports, and Bungie. Here’s a look at how you can create the DualSense Edge mobile control function for your style of play, from changing set heights to quickly battle on the field in FIFA 23. to changing back buttons for smooth weapon toggling in Ragnarök, God of War.

    How to optimize your gameplay with the DualSense Edge wireless controller

    Ragnarök, God of War

    Santa Monica Studio is the engineer.

    I ended up using the small starts for the causes in God of War to make them feel more like ordinary buttons because that’s where your main strikes and going are.
    Jason McDonald, Santa Monica Studio’s style director

    In Ragnarök, God of War, you want to move the character fairly quickly, especially in the middle of combat, so the left analog stick I set to the Quick setting, and I did the inverse of that on the right analog stick, which is used for camera movement, aiming, etc.
    Lead Combat Designer Mihir Sheth, Santa Monica Studio

    How to optimize your gameplay with the DualSense Edge wireless controller

    FIFA 23.

    Creator: EA Sports

    FIFA / FC players can further personalize their experience with the DualSense Edge wireless controller by concentrating on the aspects of the controller that matter most to them. While some players favor a particular awareness when switching, others prefer that their right stay be absolutely detailed for Skill Moves. To match their choices, some players may want to remap controls at the system level. Others, on the other hand, may be thrilled to be able to quickly install Sprint by changing the trigger length.

    By using the new back buttons( as L1 and R1 ) to activate Teammate Contain or player Switching, I can more easily keep Running Jockey active( L2 + R2 ) in my defending game. When playing a crucial FUT Champions fit or rival bowler in Career Mode, having additional buttons on the rear of the controller and customizing them with the command you want can be extremely helpful.
    Thomas Caleffi, developer of video games for EA Sports

    The DualSense Edge controller’s dynamic triggers and returning buttons, which allow players to react more quickly and perform more intelligently on the field by quickly switching between various team tactics or changing the group mentality without having to get their thumbs off the sticks, are among the most important features that make it stand out and are especially suitable for FC fans. Additionally, FC fans will have more power and flexibility over their gameplay experience if they have the opportunity to remap any key to match your preferences and change the sensitivity of the triggers. It is undoubtedly a better and more enjoyable experience.
    Game Artist Danillo Abreu, EA Sports

    How to optimize your gameplay with the DualSense Edge wireless controller

    2 Life

    Creator: Bungie

    The DualSense Edge Controller has been amazing for letting me dig in deeper with 2 Life’s pinnacle activities across both PvP and PvE! I’ve currently got two primary configurations I bounce between for Trials of Osiris and Raids – and, I’ve got a matching in-game loadout to compliment each one. Being able to seamlessly swap between the needs of 2 Life’s pinnacle activities both in-game and out of game has been a game changer!
    Bungie Salisbury, older social media manager

    As a massive fan of PvP modes in 2 Life like Iron Banner and Scorched, the ability to map my desired controller settings makes it really easy to tailor to my specific playstyle. If I’m going into Scorched, I want chaos. Being able to charge up this mode’s explode-y goodness and then mapping out exactly how I let that fire rain from above using the switchable back options is a blast. It keeps me in the flow, keeps me out of my head, and lets me enjoy the total mayhem that always ensues when taking this mode head-on. With the different options to both the front-side and back-side of the controller, it’s a more personalized experience and that personalization means more ways for everyone to play.
    Community Manager Liana Rupert, Bungie

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