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    May 13 marks the beginning of the 2023 Gran Turismo World Series.

    Large 1 of the Nations Cup kicks off the 2023 Gran Turismo World Series on May 13. Gran Turismo 7 for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 can be played by any person who already owns one by going to Sport style. Once there, register for the Manufacturers Cup or the Nations Cup, where you can compete for your preferred manufacturer while representing your home nation or country under the # 8211 flag. & nbsp,

    Gran Turismo World Series 2023 starts May 13

    The seven-round Nations Cup Online Series may now work consecutively, with Round 7 taking place on June 3 as opposed to previous times. Following that, there will be a Manufacturers Cup round with Round 1 on June 7 and Round 2 on July 1 & nbsp.

    Which players will be invited to the two live events of the 2023 Series — the World Series Showdown in Amsterdam( August 11 – 12 ) and the World Finals, which will take place in early December at an unspecified location — will depend on the results of an online series. & nbsp,

    After a wonderful World Finals in Monaco in 2022, Subaru and Toyota tied for first place in the Manufacturers Cup. However, Daniel Solis of the United States, Takuma Miyazono of Japan, and Kylian Drumont of France were given the prize for their finishes. & nbsp,

    With items tied at the top, the Nations Cup was just as fiercely contested. This time, it was well-known Spaniard and World Series vet Coque López who won the race after a contentious final lap. Brazil’s Igor Fraga, the 2018 World Champion, finished in second area, followed by Chilean Angel Inostroza. & nbsp,

    Three vehicles from the same nation will compete for the title in the Showdown and World Finals, which will be held as a team celebration like the Manufacturers Cup, after the Nations Cup style changes in 2023. & nbsp,

    The Gran Turismo series’ manufacturer, Kazunori Yamauchi, remarked that” it is always interesting when a new Gran Turito World Series gets operational.” Every year, we witness extraordinary battles between our well-known stars, but at the top level, there is always some fresh talent emerging. & nbsp,

    Along with the Gran Turismo World Series, the Olympic Esports Series will bring together leading athletes from all over the globe in Singapore at the end of June in 2023. The launch of a Gran Turismo movie in August, around the day of our Amsterdam Showdown event, which honors the success of the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy program, will be another interesting breakthrough this month. & nbsp,

    Igor Fraga, the 2018 Gran Turismo World Series hero, will compete in the Super GT 300 group and Super Formula Lights in Japan this time in an effort to emulate GT Academy. He’ll be occupied, but after finishing second in the Nations Cup last year, we also anticipate him taking on the World Series since well. “& nbsp,

    The Gran Turismo World Series is still supported by Michelin, Toyota Gazoo Racing( TGR ), Genesis, Mazda, Brembo, Sony Alpha, and BBS. & nbsp,

    All players with a PS Plus membership are eligible to participate in the Gran Turismo World Series’ website rounds through Sport mode on the PlayStation 7. In order for people to engage in races against critics of a similar amount, the Online Series is structured into three teams that are determined by Driver Ratings. Terms and conditions that can be found on the Gran Turismo web govern eligibility for the World Series Showdown and World Finals. & nbsp,

    The Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup is already in progress in addition to the Gran Turismo World Series. On August 27, seven website qualifying rounds will come to an end, and at the end of the time, the playoffs will once more take place alongside the Gran Turismo World Series Finals.

    Gran Turismo viewers will have the opportunity to see the Gran Turito World Series live and in person at both the Amsterdam Showdown event and the World Finals for the first time since Sydney in early 2020. To learn how to purchase reservations, keep an eye on and the Gran Turismo social media accounts. & nbsp, ++

    For entrance, a PS Plus account and an Internet connection are necessary.

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