Saturday, June 3, 2023

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    People from all over the world are captured in Ravenlok’s heart and imagination.


    • Ravenlok has reached an amazing new milestone one week after launch: Over 250,000 players across console and PC!
    • Ravenlok is an action-packed fairytale adventure by voxel art maestros, Cococucumber.
    • Ravenlok is available today on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC for Xbox and Sport Pass for Computer users.

    Salutations, Ravenlok Adventurers

    We are overjoyed to report that Ravenlokhas has reached a remarkable step: in just one week of its release, over 250, 000 players have joined our fantastical world on consoles and PCs! For our little crew, this is a historic occasion, and we can’t express how grateful we are to our incredible player community. This accomplishment was made possible by your enthusiasm and interest for Ravenlok, and we are incredibly appreciative of your help.

    Our goal has always been to develop a magical sport that appeals to players all over the world. The Ravenlok group has poured our hearts and souls into creating the rich and vibrant universe of Ravenrok with this objective in mind. It has been nothing short of beautiful to watch our creation come to life through the sight of so many people.

    Our community’s rapid expansion is a testament to the love and commitment you and # 8217 have shown to playing the game. Through areas and quality of life changes, your enthusiasm has inspired us to keep growing and enhancing the world of Ravenlok. Keep an eye out for updates and future announcements from our established channels!

    We want to motivate you to spread the word about Ravenlok as we take a moment to commemorate this amazing accomplishment. We value your advice to friends, family, and other gamers dearly, so we hope to see Ravenlok‘s person base continue to expand in the upcoming weeks and months.

    We believe in the power of society, and it is because of your love for Ravenlok that we are able to realize our perspective. We are incredibly appreciative of your faith in our workshop and games because up, we and # 8217 have created an amazing world that has brought people from all over the world together.

    Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey. Visit us and other supporters on the standard Ravenlok Discord and on our social media channels on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Here &# 8217, stomp to a great deal more historical occurrences, unforgettable moments, and magical moments in the world of Ravenlok!

    Friends, content travelling!

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    Embark on a magical journey through Ravenlok, an action-packed fantasy tale centered on the younger heroine who will carry out an important prophecy. Ravenlok is whisked aside to a funny world plagued by the ominous shadow of an oppressive queen when he comes into contact with an ethereal mirror. All are in for an incredible and moving experience with destiny. Amazing ACTION ADVENTURE uses real-time combat to fight off ferocious beasts and powerful monsters. Use your sword and shield, your arsenal of bombs, and the beautiful abilities you have been given to defeat enemies in spectacular boss battles! ENCHANTED WORLDMeet curious beings and assist them in overcoming their difficulties to fend off the encroaching shadow. In a fantastically upside-down world, explore the funny Mushroom Forest, solve puzzles in the Mask Mansion, and solve the treasures of the Labyrinth! The grand finale of the Cococucumber Voxel Trilogy is marked by GRAND FINALEB by the authors of critically acclaimed adventure” Echo Generation &# 039, &## 39.” Engage in a heartfelt, lovely, and compelling independent game.

    This Is Sport Go Compact by Samsung ROG Alliance Hands – on
    Revise for the Xbox Game in April 2023
    Ravenlok: A Quirky, Quirky Fantasy Adventure Built For Everyone is currently available with Game Pass.

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