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    First, take a look at the updated UI and photos of the Access control for the PS5.

    Even though accessibility is a significant issue throughout the year, Global Accessibility Awareness Day in May is generally unique because it honors the efforts being made by the games industry and the accessibility community to increase accessibility in gaming. We at Sony Interactive Entertainment are dedicated to advancing that goal, so now we’re happy to share fresh information and pictures of the Access gamepad for the PS5 console.

    Image showing the Access controller and its swappable analog stick caps, button caps and button cap tags

    New information and merchandise graphics

    The Access control for PS5 is an all-new, highly personalized convenience controller kit that was first unveiled at CES this year as” Project Leonardo.” It is intended to make it easier, more comfortable, and longer for some people with disabilities to play games.

    The Access control, which was created in collaboration with accessibility specialists, will come with a variety of interchangeable button and stick caps, allowing players to easily design layouts that suit their particular strength, range of motion, and natural requirements. Each Access control will have the following features:

    • Regular, roof, and basketball stick cap digital stick caps
    • Key caps come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including:
      • slouchy switch hats
      • straight switch hats
      • Two key sockets are covered by a large flat button cap.
      • People with smaller hands will benefit from arch switch hats because they are positioned closer to the center.
      • Bend button caps( which can be pulled or pushed along the controller’s bottom or top, respectively)
    • Players can easily level the inputs they map to each key by using swappable button cover tags.

    Additionally, users can easily attach the Access control to an AMPS support * or camera, tilt it 360 degrees, or use it on smooth surfaces. Additionally, they have the option to change the digital stick’s range from the joystick.

    Image showing 360 degree orientation options for the Access controller

    Image showing the ability to attach the Access controller to an AMPS mount*

    Image showing the option to adjust the distance of the Access controller’s analog stick

    People can connect their own specialized switches, keys, or digital stones using the Access operator’s four 3.5mm AUX ports.

    Image showing the Access controller’s four 3.5m AUX ports

    You can read more in our previous blog post about the technology capabilities of the Access controller. In order to secure your control as soon as possible, you can also visit our fresh web site below, which allows you to sign up for email updates and be notified when preorders launch.

    The Access controller and the DualSense controller can be paired and used together as a single virtual controller

    Second, take a look at the UI of the Access control.

    The Access control offers a variety of methods for gamers to create unique UI configurations and configurations that unlock new ways to play in addition to the extensive range of components customization options.

    Control profiles and button mapping &# 038, etc. Players can choose their preferred preference for the Access controller on the PS5 console, represent various inputs to the different buttons, turn on or off the switches, or even represent two different input types onto the same button. Additionally, they have the ability to design and save their preferred control information for various activities or categories( like as” combat” or” driving”).

    Access controller UI image showing controller orientation options

    Access controller UI image showing button mapping options

    Access controller UI image showing button assignment choices

    Access controller UI image showing a button assignment preview

    digital stay adjustments and controller pairing. People can combine and match products or play cooperatively with other players by using up to two Access controllers and one DualSense( or DoubleSense Edge ) wireless control as a single virtual control. People can adjust the starting position and type awareness similarly to the DualSense Edge wifi control. For players to increase their fine motor power during play, the ability to change deadzones( the length your parallel stay moves before it is recognized in a game ) and stick sensitivity is especially beneficial.

    Access controller UI image showing the ability to pair up to two Access controllers with a DualSense controller

    Access controller UI image showing analog stick sensitivity and deadzone adjustment options within a user-created control profile

    switch method Players can change the behavior of any button in the Access controller’s switch method to make it function like a keyboard caps switch key. For instance, the Access control may accelerate the vehicles without you having to hold the box down if flip mode is enabled for the momentum input in a racing game.

    PS5 screenshot of Gran Turismo 7 showing toggle mode enabled for the “R2” button on the Access controller

    For any customizable input, players can allow toggle mode. For instance, if a game only lets you sprint by holding down” L3″( the left analog stick ), which can be physically taxing, you can modify the input to behave like” click L3 to toggle sprint” by turning on the toggle mode for the button you’ve given L3.

    Our voyage to PS5 convenience

    We’re excited to share a video now that highlights continued efforts made by our product creation and PlayStation Studios groups to increase PS5 game accessibility in addition to new information on the Access control. Learn about the work team members are doing to increase gambling accessibility on the PS5 through our future Access controller, console UI, and games from around the world:

    First look at new images and UI of the Access controller for PS5, an all-new accessibility controller kit

    In the upcoming weeks, we’ll have more information to share about the PS5 Access control, including more product and release information. We appreciate all the players’ insightful comments and daily inspiration to spread the joy of gambling to more people through technology and partnership with you and# 8211, our area.

    * AMPS is a mounting screw pattern that is widely used in the industry for connecting devices to machinery, including accessibility machinery.

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