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    Review of the Lego 2K Generate: Test Your Motors

    Lego 2K Drive

    viewed on the PlayStation 5
    Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
    Publisher: 2K Games
    Developer: Visual Concepts
    Release:May 19, 2023
    Rating: Everyone 10+

    Visual Concepts, best known for its work on the WWE and NBA games published by the publisher, is now in charge of 2K’s most recent licensed study. Lego 2K Drive is a high-octane aggressive racer with destructible brick-y environments to fall through and an entertaining story for kids that breaks fourth walls.

    Bricklandia, the whimsical Lego environment where 2K Drive is set, is the show’s best feature. Your screeching wheels and custom boat sails are tearing apart a universe that begs to be destroyed. The thoroughly animated auto-morphing capacity enhances the amazing experience of navigating the open-world playmat, which a individual would never want to move on. Players quickly switch between cars to fit the situation as you travel across various surfaces, including on land, off-road, and on water.

    Tires and waters noodles serve as wonderful barriers and frame the nation’s vistas. The lovely toy box atmosphere is enhanced by this combination of real-world items and Lego structures. You face a barrage of twits who are vying for the title of Sky Cup Champion as you descend into this dazzling empty world. Shadow Z, a mohawked egomaniac who occasionally appears to tell you of how mean-spirited he is, serves as your enemy in this effort.

    You may discover Bricklandia in search of foe speedsters, each with their own distinctive driving skills they exercise, such as in Mario Kart-style tribes, in order to even come close to taking him on. They make for a lovely ensemble and offer new vehicles and perks to play with, as well as Brickbux, which you can use to purchase new devices and parts. They range from an actual animal to an mysterious wearing sleeves. You can also construct your own cars brick by brick at the garage, which allowed me to create some really dreadful rides. Although the tower system isn’t the most user-friendly, it does feel like a fitting smile to Lego’s simple brick-building roots.

    On-The-Go Events, external operations that you can drop in and out of for hands of immoral fun, such as jumping over homes or drifting through a labyrinth, are also present across Bricklandia’s diverse ecosystems. It feels like getting your certificate in Gran Turismo while high on sugar in a schoolyard when you meet the requirements to gain XP and resources.

    The constant barrage of speech in Lego 2K Drive kept me laughing the entire time, but some missions, like the less exciting wave-defense or NPC save expeditions, made it difficult for me to concentrate on the jokes. Given the obvious skill of the writers and tone actors, who deliver an effective satire of traditional racing games, this was always unsatisfactory.

    The must-win races may be punishing due to some devastating cabs and terrible slow down when you veer off course, but bashing and smashing your way through the image is simple junk foods fun. Some open-world missions call for dexterous driving, clever maneuvers while herding rockets or slicing through small robot invaders, which can be frustrating because I frequently felt too quick for my own good. While I enjoyed how it made my heart race, I was left yearning for a more subdued approach to inquiry.


    Lego 2K Drive’s couch co-op, which enables you and a companion to navigate the available world up while pooling XP along the way, was another wonderful surprise, despite the fact that it is somewhat buggy. In order to ensure that one of us took the top position, I found myself getting in the way of weapons or smashing into priorities for my spouse. Importantly, the cooperative characteristics of the game made this feature significantly more enjoyable than the tedious defend and rescue missions. & nbsp,

    Unfortunately, Unkie’s Emporium, which was introduced during the training by its namesake animal mechanic, is the rhinoceros in the room— or in this situation, a monkey. Here, you can exchange real money for premium money to gain access to characters and vehicles that were recently locked behind a pricey Brickbux walls. Of course, crushing would allow you to obtain all of these items, but the temptation persists, which is problematic for a game that is obviously designed with younger players in mind. & nbsp,

    As you race and transform throughout Lego 2K Drive’s beautifully updating setting, velocity and silliness rule supreme. Lego 2K Drive immediately won me over with its absurd tale full of humorous discourse and moreish open-world challenges, despite some unpleasant objective design and a few bugs. It would make for an even smoother trip if the threat of transactions didn’t loom but large in this kid-friendly activity.

    8 is the index.

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