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    By introducing thoughts,” Conceptual Opera” After Us defies game design conventions.

    We like to claim that the team at Piccolo Studio” craft” video game. As game managers, Jordi Ministral and I enjoy telling stories through what makes this device unique: game. We are convinced that video games are the most effective method to inform a history.

    Three years ago, we released Arise: A Simple Story, and tomorrow, May 23, we will release our newest sport, After Us, along with Private Division.

    Arise: A Simple Story was a sweet song that explored the thoughts of an elderly gentleman who had recently passed away by using time technicians. After Us is now more of a philosophical theater, building on real-world experience. Through incredible and atmospheric landscapes, it tells the tale of reputation and hope. It tells the tale of Gaia, a diminutive goddess. In an effort to save the souls of dead animals, she investigates a symbolic, surrealistic depiction of our planet, where humans have destroyed all life forms.

    After Us Screenshot

    It is challenging to categorize After Us in a specific type due to our sport layout process. It combines action, multitasking, and puzzle-solving. However, the uniqueness of these components and the way they are combined defy type norms.

    ” It’s on purpose.” The feelings and emotions we want to convey are at the top of the game style process. As we descend into murder, we discover match concepts that highlight them. Therefore, according to Jordi, we put them in an organic world created from an imaginative standpoint and spend hours and hours fine-tuning whatever until everything fits together perfectly.

    When it comes to video games, the pill we’ve created occasionally doesn’t function and you have to start over, which happens more frequently than we realize. However, it does happen frequently, and at Piccolo, we work hard to develop concepts that defy conventional sport design conventions.

    The Case Study of the Whale Hunt

    After Us Screenshot

    This use an illustration! The magnificent humpback whale is one of the previous extinct animals whose souls Gaia hopes to save. People should experience the emotions that this giant may have experienced as she neared death. to experience a hunt. In order to do this, we set the motion on the surface of a dried-up ocean. Large, rusted oil ship ruins are strewn across the floor and below, floating in the air. Edges of toxic oil that are contaminating the ocean surround Gaia. She begins to run. Therefore, as Gaia approaches them, enormous stingers start to reach down from the sky. There is a pure sense of panic that follows.

    When the stingers are activated, how they attack, and what you can do to prevent them would all be clearly defined by standard style. ” Games are based on this, but a shark does not feel this way when it is being hunted. She is unable to comprehend what is taking place. Gaia runs and jumps as stingers continue to be thrown at her. Jordi responds,” Hazard isn’t something she can predict or control.

    In fact, we purposefully muddled the trigger, movement, and harm of stingers. There isn’t a specific strategy for avoiding them. You might not always see them coming. Yes, occasionally they kill the person without them completely comprehending what happened. We are aware that this throws many people off conventional design, but if you approach it carefully, it succeeds. When it does, it is far more effective than any conventional strategy. Players feel what they might feel in such a situation due to the( apparent ) lack of clear rules.

    We enjoy finding creativity in different media, such as novels, comic books, and movies. Therefore, we used the famous last picture from Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood, in which a lone figure is being shot with bolts by an enormous army, as inspiration for this” scene.” We aimed to replicate the same gloomy feeling of obvious dangers, unpredictably occurring impacts, and the tense speed of the attacks.

    Instead of electrical rewards, mental ones

    After Us Screenshot

    However, it doesn’t just focus on dangers, adversaries, or particular settings. We challenge conventional sport design in a broader sense because the game offers players personal rewards rather than technical ones.

    There are 100 additional” optional” souls in After Us that you can free in addition to the eight major animal spirits that must be located and saved. Circumstances of that varieties populate and liven up the world when saving an individual’s mind. Exploring the enigmatic universe of After Us, singing to discover its location, or resolving climate puzzles are all ways to liberate a heart.

    However, from a technical standpoint, freeing them gives you everything. No items, no abilities, and no XP. The compensation for liberating an animal consciousness is … liberation from slavery! Jordi smiles as he describes” and experiencing a planet full of wildlife wandering about.”

    This style works for us and, maybe, for a lot of players. What better kind of incentive is there than an emotional some, after all?

    The Xbox Series X|S will receive After Us on May 23.

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