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    Review of the Lana World: Chasing Possible

    Xbox Series X / S review
    Platform: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC
    Publisher: Thunderful
    Developer: Wishfully
    Release:May 23, 2023
    Rating: Everyone 10+

    Visual issue platformers have relied on grabbing viewers’ focus and creativity with stunning skill directions and powerful, frequently mysterious narrative since the release of Limbo in 2010. Moment-to-moment puzzles must hit hard with smart, memorable obstacles and never meander by rehashing well-known mechanics very frequently because they are typically brief experiences. With its stunning presentation, Planet of Lana nearly hits this lovely spot, but traveling through this strange world doesn’t always love you. & nbsp, ++

    Athletes are quickly thrown into the fire by Planet of Lana. Your little community, including somebody close to you, has been kidnapped by mysterious machines as the fresh Lana. You must locate and free people, and Mui, a cute( and pettable ) cat-like companion, is with you. It’s a treat to watch the couple share sweet and somber moments because everything looks so wonderful. Some photographs, ranging from postcard-worthy beachside vistas to bold grassy plains, are deserving of being framed as works of art. The main theme in certain becomes a welcome earworm with amazing narrative significance, and the majestic soundtrack ranks among the best of the year.

    It’s difficult not to smile when you watch Lana and Mui interact in a sweet, if brief, way in the game because it tells an effectively entertaining story. The more thrilling world-building takes place along the edges, mostly through collectible, simple-to-miss pieces of an illuminated walls cutting. Is this world Earth or another one? Where did the systems travel from and what do they do? Even though the solutions to Planet of Lana are ambiguous, the drama helped me advance even though I’m still coming to my own conclusions. & nbsp,


    Although Lana’s intentional, momentum-based motion feels great, there are times when it gives her headaches, like when you see her fall off an edge after making a large jump. Moving objects into their correct posts and carrying out tasks in the right order so that both characters can get around obstacles is a difficult part of problem-solving. You’ll be able to order Mui to fall climbing ropes for Lana, turn on remote switches, or entice enemies away thanks to their outstanding agility. I only wish Mui doesn’t stop after performing a task to avoid having to constantly call them to my part. In the end, Mui and Lana will be able to use machines or animals’ minds as systems or weights for pressure-sensitive switches, both. These are nice features that I wish more people played the game. & nbsp,

    These traverse puzzles have some brilliant concepts, but they don’t really advance or reach the next level. For the majority of the trip, you avoid patrolling models by pushing objects, climbing ropes, and crouching in high grass, albeit in slightly more complex ways. This program is broken up by a few less frequent exercises, like adjusting the water level in lakes, but little I tried truly amazed me, and I occasionally sighed when puzzles went back to being the same. On the first glace, I was able to overcome a dozen challenges, and others can be rather easy even further into the game. Although puzzle-solving may become average, Planet of Lana has a few moments that make you feel adrenaline-pumped. A quick-time-event driven race across the plain as your support sprints through an fleet of enormous marching machines gave me a kick in the pants.

    Planet of Lana is still a fun and lovely adventure, even though I would have preferred game with more bite and range. Lana and Mui’s trip is a skilled save goal that doesn’t always jump as high as the equipment pursuing them, but the art direction and major song are probably the only things that will stay with me in the long run.

    7.75 is the report.

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