Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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    Don’t anticipate the PC version of Final Fantasy 16 anywhere soon.

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    People have been speculating about a possible PC version of Final Fantasy XVI ever since it was revealed, especially in light of the six-month windows that the PlayStation 5 luxury show came with. When that glass closes, some prospective people have predicted that FFXVI for PC will be made available. & nbsp,

    I questioned manufacturer Naoki Yoshida about a Computer version of the game during my FFXVI cover story visit to Square Enix’s Tokyo, Japan, business. Although it appears to be on the way, he emphasizes that it won’t be more than six weeks before people see it or even possibly learn about it. He probably mentions six months because of the above luxury window, but he keeps repeating that this window does not mean FFXVI’s PC version will launch at that time or any time soon. & nbsp,

    Therefore, if you want to enjoy FFXVI right now and likely for some time after the show’s launch, you’ll need a PlayStation 5. & nbsp,

    Click the banner below to visit Game Informer’s special FFXVI protection hub for more information. & nbsp,

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