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    There are no current ideas for DLC in Final Fantasy 16.

    Game Informer Final Fantasy 16 XVI exclusive coverage no DLC plans

    During this cover story trip, one of the more fascinating aspects of speaking with various members of Creative Business Unit III — the studio responsible for the creation of Final Fantasy XVI — was learning about the distinctions between creating an MMO for a new single-player version of Game of Thrones. In the past, CBUIII is able to design settings and characters that are simple to use in upcoming spot expansions and quests. Technically, however, this is not the situation with the latter; Clive Rosfield’s tale concludes in Final Fantasy XVI.

    Director Hiroshi Takai claims that CBUIII currently has no plans for the FFXVI DLC, so that very well could be the end of Clive and the rest of Valisthea’s account. He and maker Naoki Yoshida claim that getting the game into players’ hands to hear their opinions is the player’s top priority.


    Yoshida informs me that it is a one-off activity. ” We’re asking people to pay the full cost for this experience, so we want an experience that’s going to be similar to the money that people will be paying. We also want them to feel satisfied with what they paid or even more.”

    The group would like to return to the large Valisthea that he, Takai, and the rest of CBUIII created. I get the impression that CBUIII is prepared to return at any time, possibly through DLC or, drawing on its MMO knowledge, an growth. It would be unusual to see FFXVI get no DLC at this point, given that new games like Final Fantasy XV and Remake did.

    According to Yoshida,” We have no idea if people will fall in love with Valisthea and Clive’s history and want to see more of the planet and its figures.” Therefore, while we always want to think about DLC, spinoffs, or those kinds of things where you can learn more about the sport, we need to first determine whether Valisthea and Clive are truly items that players all over the world desire to see more of before making that choice.

    In a similar vein, Takai claims that there are no programs for non-game tie-ins comparable to those in FFXV’s Kingsglaive to temporarily bolster the FWXVI universe.

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