Saturday, June 3, 2023

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    Brand of the Water Reveals Giant Squid

    Sword of the Sea, a brand-new activity from Giant Squid, the studio behind Abzu and The Pathless, was unveiled at today’s PlayStation Showcase.

    The new game’s most eye-catching visuals come from a sizable plain that makes me think of that activity company’S Journey. Since Matt Nava, who was formerly the art director at that gamecompany, is the founder of Giant Squid, that is not a coincidence. There were some notable variations on display, despite the fact that this new game will undoubtedly attract powerful comparisons to that traditional game. First of all, the character you control resembles a surf moving through the water, whereas the desert itself appears much more like an flowing water. The plain appears to actually turn into water in some scenes, implying a mystery at the heart of the sport.

    As the character rides across the sand and trickles off of half-pipes, we can see a focus on circulation movement in the footage. We know from the surrounding descriptions of the game that you are in charge of a character named the Wraith, who was brought back to life to bring life back into the ruined universe, while battling enormous leviathans that try to obstruct development.

    There is no expression on a launch date for Sword of the Sea for the PS5.


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