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    In Final Dream 16, Touring Cid’s Cottage

    game informer final fantasy xvi 16 exclusive coverage cid's hideaway details

    I play through the first few hours of Final Fantasy XVI, which includes scenes from Clive’s early years, when he is 15 years old, and a flash forward to frank at age 28. This is during my hands-on day with the game for our include story. Because this is Final Fantasy upon both, Clive meets Cidolfus Telamon, also known by the short term” Cid.” Cid then takes Clive to a location known as his cottage soon after.

    One of the main centers in FFXVI is this cottage. It appears to have been built into a cramped construction, though I’m not sure of its place in Valisthea, the peninsula where the game takes place. It includes a music player, side journeys to pick up, and an in-house bar where you can talk to visitors about current events. While these are brand-new songs from the FFXVI soundtrack, I also think it’s possible to find music from various Final Fantasy games because I’ve found song tracks exploring Valisthea.

    Cid’s hiding place

    A blacksmith and basic goods stand are located elsewhere in the hideaway, where I can upgrade my existing equipment and buy new weapons. In the den, I also come across Harpocatres, who I can talk to as I move through FFXVI to discover more about Valisthean history.

    Harpocrates, a hidden loresman

    I predict that Cid’s cottage players may interact with a lot when using Otto’S Counter. Otto serves as the hub’s” director of sorts ,” and his staff will be useful during Clives’ travels. Gaute, who manages Alliant Reports, is one of them. Participants can interact with a special menu to study the reports that scouts produce to document people in trouble throughout the world. These monitor Clive’s continuing relationships. To assist them, Clive you quickly go to these locations or, to put it another way, finish a sidequest.

    The Patron’s Whisper, directed by Desiree, is not far from Gaute. You’ll get gifts from people you’ve helped atWhisper of the Patron in the form of crafting supplies, Gil ( Valisthea currency ), and more. These items are directly related to the fame Clive enjoys in the Valisthea area as word of his name and good works spread there. Renown offers bonuses rather than the benefits you receive from completing journeys, which you will receive right away.

    Whisper of the Patron

    The Hunt Board is the second key component of Otto’s Counter. This table looks and functions similarly to Final Fantasy XII, so you are comfortable with it. Given that a sizable portion of FFXVI’s staff turns were also involved in the work, that is not surprising. You conduct hunts and obtain bounties at this table all over Valisthea. There is no need to worry about picking up the reward if you occasionally come across a hunt without it. The prize associated with the search will be given to you the next time you return to the Hunt Board if you successfully complete it.

    At a Hunt area, the adversary will be surrounded by an imaginary area. The fight may take place here; if you leave the arena, the hunt will come to an end, making it simple to flee.

    The den contains Clive’s halls, which are separate from Otto’ Counter. Clive is able to read the letters he receives below. These words can be changes from heroes you’ve interacted with, warnings, or new side quests at different times. The Wall of Memories, which starts out as empty shelves and places where ornaments from Clive’s journey may one day remain as a reminder of what he has accomplished, where she has been, and who she helped, can also add some personality to his room.

    Overall, I enjoyed my visit of Cid’s cottage, but I have the impression that there is more to it, and I can’t wait to see it all when FFXVI launches on PlayStation 5 on June 22.

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