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    The Spirit of Rpg Raids in a Complete New Genre: How 33 Immortals Channels It

    Hello, I &# 8217, my name is Stephan Logier, and I’m the Creative Director at Thunder Lotus Games. It &# 8217, it’s a pleasure to meet you all and introduce our brand-new game, 33 Immortals, an action-roguelike co-op for 33 players! & nbsp, ++

    I recently joined Thunder Lotus to lead a brand-new group that is creating the film’s second online multiplayer game. Our objective is to develop a cutting-edge multiplayer co-op encounter in our distinctive interactive, hand-drawn artwork and animation style. & nbsp, ++

    33 Immortals Screenshot

    We are genuinely glad of what we’re revealing immediately because it has been a long journey to get there. This start at the top, though! & nbsp,

    The only thing we initially knew was that we wanted Dante’s” The Divine Comedy” to serve as the cornerstone for our video match universe. To the untrained,” The Divine Comedy” is an Italian poem from the 14th century, a true artistic classic, and the personal favorite of the founder of our studio and many other staff members. Although we had chosen our source of inspiration, nearly the entire activity was a blank stone. & nbsp,

    33 Immortals Screenshot

    To tease out what we could bring into the universe of our game, the team and I started by thoroughly examining the historical context, religious symbolism, and mythology of &# 8220, The Divine Comedy. The main story in a multiplayer game is the one players are making up in-game, on the fly, even though the story of Dante &# 8217’s journey through the afterlife may be epic. We had to build a world full of amazing creatures and spectacular scenery using the literary setting as our starting point, where it would make sense for many players to engage in cooperative combat. & nbsp,

    We finally came to a consensus on our main concerns: what if participants were souls in the afterlife, doomed to eternal damnation in Inferno? What if they rebelled against their destiny, putting God’s anger at risk? What if they were being assisted on their trip by every famous character from” The Divine Comedy”? & nbsp,

    33 Immortals Screenshot

    After resolving the fundamental settings, we moved on to the details of play. I’ve always been enthralled by the massive scope of raids and incredible online games present in MMOs. However, as a player, I found the entry barrier into raids, the required time investment, preparation and practice, and # 8211 to be deterrents. This prompted the thought: what if we created a game that suddenly allowed players to engage in spectacular, sociable, and cooperative raid experiences? To make this a” get up and attack” experience for how many people, we focused our work on making the leap into each move as quick and smooth as possible. & nbsp,

    We obviously didn’t choose 33 right away. With the idea of some players entering a world, banding together naturally to deal with the challenges, and eventually coming together to combat obscene bosses, we started to design our game. I also wanted to choose a special number to have our dream and world as we were beginning to consider building the game around 32 players. The Divine Comedy” has one hundred chapters and is split into three major sections — Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradiso — each with 33 chapters! 33 Immortals was born, it was decided! & nbsp,

    33 Immortals Screenshot

    So, let’s put it all together: in 33 Immortals, you are a rebellious soul who is fighting for his or her immortal life. Death can and will materialize frequently( as it can when you defy the Almighty ), and runs are quick, aggressive, and very difficult. However, people may customize their develops to fit their playstyle, mixing and matching weapons, perks, and ongoing upgrades to gradually raise the likelihood that their rebellion will succeed. In addition, & nbsp,

    Each sport session culminates in a large raid-like Boss encounter that challenges the rebels to work together to fend off lethal assaults and vanquish their enormous foe. To ensure that the biggest and strongest class possible survives the boss battles, 33 Immortals actively encourages participants to work together throughout the runs. & nbsp,

    33 Immortals Screenshot

    We still have a road ahead of us, but there is so much more to say and # 8211! In 2024, 33 Immortals will be available for the Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and PC Game Pass. By taking part in the 33 Immortals Beta later this month, we’re inviting you to arrive help us make the game since epic as we can.

    Go to website. To find out more, visit We’re hoping to run into you! & nbsp,

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