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    Spooky Great On Knife DLC Turns Into Great In Life’s Narrative

    Greetings once more! For me and all at Squanch Games, The Great Of Living has been a very satisfying experience. It &# 8217 has been a passion project for all of us, and we couldn’t be happier with how many of you have assisted in rescuing Earth from the alien cartel. I &# 8217, I’m so excited to share more information about our first DLC, High On Knife, because we aren’t quite ready to leave the universe that we and I have created together. Two years after The Great Of Living’s conclusion, It &# 8217, everything is perfect up until Knifey receives a package from home. Don’t inquire as to how or why Knifey is receiving mail at # 8217. It &# 8217 is mysterious for a reason. & nbsp,

    Just in case you missed it at the Xbox Games Extended Showcase, you can see the new truck up top.

    You might have noticed a slight shift in the atmosphere. High On Knife is still freaking funny and strange, but we &# 8217 are also starting to feel a little eerie this time. Not like, &# 8220, I might never be able to sleep again, and # 8221, levels of terror, but without a doubt, my dreams will be disrupted for the time being and the end of the world will follow. Consider figure scary, but it only gets worse after you start with a terrible body. You’ll have to put your trust in us on that for the time being. In addition, & nbsp,

    We wanted to discuss some brand-new information today regarding the most recent additions to our roll of talking weapons. I &# 8217 will let the narrative director of The Great Of Living, Alec Robbins, handle the rest. & nbsp,

    In-game screenshot from High on Life

    ” You can take a quick look at two of our new weapons here: Harper, who is voiced by the hilarious Sarah Sherman( SNL, Sarah Squirm ), and B. A strange little pinball gun called an A. L.L. was operated by a group of small freaks who spoke gibberish. Because I triumphed in a rigged fan competition, I really voice those guys. & nbsp,

    &# 8220, This teaser highlights the” scary” element of our comedy. Every comic game needs to have a terrible element to balance out all the humor. To balance out the entire personal experience, we should preferably get one cry for every three laughs, but we’re also fine-tuning things to see if we can reach that mark.

    In-game screenshot from High on Life

    We have been inundated by player aid since The Great Of Living‘s debut on a global scale. It is evident that the sport has resonated with players and that there is still a market for games like The Great Of Living because of the excitement and enthusiasm displayed by our neighborhood, which has exceeded even our wildest expectations. & nbsp,

    We at Squanch Games are looking forward to bringing fantastic, innovative activities to all of our followers in the years to come and are eager for everyone to download the new information in High On Knife. This fall, High On Knife will be available on PC and Xbox consoles, and we &# 8217 are eager to share more. & nbsp,

    Since its introduction in the middle of December, The Great Of Living has more than 7.5 million exclusive people worldwide. The biggest Game Pass for Xbox discharge of 2022, the largest 3rd party game release in the history of the game Pass, and the biggest single-player game release on the platform in past all came from The Great Of Living, which also had the highest sales on Steam during start week. It &# 8217 is accessible through Steam and the Epic Games Store on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, Game Pass for Xbox for console, PC, and cloud. For the most recent updates, attend and following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Heck, you can also sign up for our mail list! I appreciate you reading everything. Somebody is attempting to approach you covertly. & nbsp,

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    You really have nothing going for you after graduating from high school with no work and no motivation until an alien trust that wants to profit from society invades Earth. You must now respond to the hero&# 039’s call and turn into the deadliest intergalactic bounty hunter the universe has ever seen with the help of a group of charismatic talking guns. In the most recent funny experience from Squanch Games, go to a variety of ecosystems and locations throughout the cosmos, battle the evil Garmantuous and his gang of goons, gather loot, meet interesting characters, and more!

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