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    August 16 marks the release of Genshin Impact type 4.0; first details

    Congratulations, Travelers. We &# 8217, the Genshin Impact development team, is pleased to announce that As Light Rain Falls Without Reason, Version 4.0, will be available on August 16. We would like to take you to Fontaine, the upcoming fifth nation of Teyvat, where culture, art, and technology flourish under a complex system of justice and trial, in today &# 8217, s blog.

    A Teleport Waypoint north of the Sumeru plain may be unlocked for guests who have finished the Archon Quest Prologue Act III: Song of Dragon and Freedom, revealing the country of Fontaine on the opposite shore, perched atop an impressive river. As you climb the waterfall, an aquabus may be waiting to take you to Fontaine’s major attractions as you meander through the rivers. Once on board, you can take a sightseeing tour under the particular Melusine crew member’s direction. When you get to Fontaine, you can freely explore this area and a ton of World Quests, but Caribert, who has already completed the previous archon quest, will be able to unlock Fontine &# 8217.

    A verdict, but even a performance

    Fontaine has an intricate judicial system that grants a special power known as Indemnitium for people &# 8217, s daily life. It is presided over by Focalors, the current Hydron Archon, and the God of Justice. For instance, it is used as energy to power the signals and aquabuses in homes. The Oratrice Mecanique d &# 8217, Analyse Cardinale, a machine that gathers people’s belief in justice, is used to generate the Indemnitium through trials. Trials are now significant public events at the beautiful Opera Epiclese, where wonder, farce, tragedy, and other performances also take place. Additionally, it will serve as the location for Fontaine &# 8217, s Archon Quest, where Lyney and Lynette, two magicians, will perform their debut act or trial at the Opera Epiclese.

    The Court of Fontaine, the capital city, can be seen from the Opera Epiclese, illuminating the true beauty of the city and its visual accomplishments in the areas of architecture, pleasure, systems, and lifestyle. Restaurants, opera houses, couture shops, seminars, and a variety of other businesses thrive in this center of culture and the arts along busy streets crowded with well-dressed people, animals, patrolling mechanical meka. The city appears to have a filthy side in its sewers, aside from the glitzy top town and the buzzing midtown.

    Dance with mechanical meka

    Leading systems are also renowned in Fontaine, and some of their creations, like the camera, may have already benefited tourists. The Fontaine Research Institute learned to control the Pneumousia, a different power source, in addition to the Indemnitium produced by the idea in justice, to provide power for the clock meka, including those carrying out their duties in the city and those angry in nature.

    One of the most ominous yet beautiful inventions is the dance meka trio Coppelius and Coppelia. You can choose to issue either Dirge of Coppelia or Nemesis of Coppelius in the brand-new two director problem Icewind Suite, which each performs a unique battle sequence influenced by dance moves and figure skating. When activated, Coppelius or Coppelia attacks Cryo viciously but gracefully, damaging it as it spins or dances.

    Explore underground traditions.

    Fontaine offers distinctive underwater activities because the country is surrounded by water. According to legend, some animals are also present in today’s area, which was rebuilt close to its submerged locations. In some areas of Fontaine, visitors may even be able to swim underground for the first time.

    You don’t have to worry about running out of oxygen under because of a particular blessing. However, you may receive an Aquatic Stamina bar that will be used for underground sprinting. You may gather Recovery Orbs to increase your endurance or even move more quickly by passing through Turbulent Bubbles.

    In the ocean, conflict is also unique. To protect yourself, avoid traps, and retrieve riches ensnared by seaweed, you must rely on the ocean’s wisdom and # 8217, which comes from absorbing special abilities from special creatures.

    Fortunately, you can still use your fighting prowess on property because another boss is waiting for you in a submerged cave. In addition to having the same defense mechanism as an iron lobster, the Armored Crablord, Emperor of Fire and Iron, also uses its internal organs to launch violent Pyro problems. Full beneath the waters are also more tales, treasures, and histories of the history.

    Enter the siblings of Fontaine

    The magic duo Lyney and Lynette, as well as the diver Freminet, are the first three accessible Fontaine figures. Through the most recent annual event, travelers who earn Adventure Rank 25 or higher can actually claim Lynette for free.

    One of Fontaine’s most talented artists, Lyney is the dependable older sibling of the three. He is a five-star personality who is adept with his spear and uses Pyro-element methods in battle. A beautiful Grin-Malkin Hat can be summoned by Lyney when she fires charged Prop Arrows, taunting nearby foes. Lyney transforms into a Grin-Malkin Cat at the conclusion of his overcome act, setting the local foes on fire and setting off fireworks to put an end to the conflict.

    In contrast to her older brother &# 8217, s extroverted persona, Lynette maintains her low profile as a magician and assistant with keen observation, always helping her brother Lyney from behind the scenes. This four-star Anemo weapon user can quickly process the foes and observe them with a piercing Enigma Thrust by entering the high-speed Pilfering Shadow state. Lynette summons a sizable Bogglecat Box that periodically deals Anemo injury and has the ability to fire Vivid Shots that deal DMG from the corresponding element at the top of her Elemental Burst.

    The youngest brother Freminet is a superb diving with coastal expertise, but he prefers to remain anonymous. When entering the Pers Timer condition after casting his Elemental Skill, this four-star Cryo character wields a information and prefers quiet, snowy strikes. This skilled diver will use the energy produced by fully-pressurized Individual to cause severe Cryo and actual harm. Pers Timer gains more effectiveness and fight prowess when he unleashes his Elemental Burst.

    In Version 4.0, the first half of Event Wishes will feature Lyney, Lynette, and Yelan &# 8217, s reruns, followed by Zhongli and Tartaglia and # 8317. Freminet may make his debut in the second quarter of desires during this time. satisfy the requirements, and in a limited-time event, you can even request Lynette for free.

    More features for activity quality-of-life

    We’ll also add a number of important features and functions to the future Version 4.0 to improve the aesthetic, control, and game performance on the PlayStation, with plenty of new adventures to explore.

    We are introducing a brand-new feature, Global Illumination ( GI ), in some areas of Teyvat to further enhance lighting effects and to increase its degree of realism. Direct lights, or how mild bounces and scatters onto other surfaces, is a crucial component of GI. In contrast to clear lighting, which is the only source of light, GI enables objects, particularly their colors, to be impacted by numerous direct lights from nearby objects. For instance, if GI is enabled, direct lighting from nearby red tiles may have an impact on the walls, windows, or any other building components, producing a softer and more realistic-looking shadow with an undertone of reddish.

    The node model and soft-body simulation are two additional features that we will include to improve marine immersion thanks to the strong GPU. The former can create amazing phenomena like carp tornadoes, where each bass has its own unique moving design but together they form a large herd that is moving at the same time. It mimics how swarms of creatures move. The latter is used to show the water vegetation swaying with the gentle currents and flood, giving the underground investigation an alluring beauty.

    Meanwhile, we &# 8217 are experimenting with motion-controlled aiming on the PS5 and PS4 with the DualSense wireless controllers. People can now fine-tune the aimed pictures more precisely using the DualSense or Dualshock 4 controller’s built-in accelerometer and gyroscope by tilting or rotating it. For instance, you only need to shift your DualSense controller upward, similar to how one would purpose in the real world, to purpose up with your arrow at birds flying overhead. Also, gaming on the PlayStation 4 will experience a boost in loading speed.

    Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for each player’s assistance on the trip at the upcoming release of Version 4.0. The story of Fontaine &# 8217 is about to come to an end, and we’ll see you in the following chapter.

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