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    At the 2023 THQ Nordic Digital Showcase, there will be crocodiles, titanium, and more.

    Some of the most brilliant developers we’ve had the pleasure of working with at Nordic THQ gave us a sneak peek at some of their upcoming projects earlier today. We have the neighborhoods that participate in our activities to bless for the fact that we are, in some way, on our third annual display.

    Yesterday’s channel was no different from how we’ve always taken great pride in our diversity. We have something for everyone, whether you want to defeat a renegade deity in an incredible mythology, exact revenge on your fallen brothers, or just contest and crash through traditional racetracks with your friends.

    In the Dark by Oneself

    Every great horror story has, at its core, human fragility. Pieces Interactive’s twisted vision for In the Dark by Oneself is no different, trapping Detective Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood in its swirling vortex of creeping eldritch madness.

    David Harbour and Jodie Comer were the ideal choice to play these jobs. Both actors add characteristics to their characters that will make you want to start playing as one of them as soon as you’ve finished a play, whether it be Edward’s gritty charm and dry wit or Emily herself trying to keep her uncle Jeremy and end the Hartwood curse.

    You may pre-order the game to get bonus in-game content and get the free Prologue right away to experience Derceto’s terror.

    In the Dark by Oneself - Pre-Order
    Xbox Live

    In the Dark by Oneself – Pre-Order

    Nordic THQ

    Pre-order In the Dark by Oneself NOW and receive the Derceto 1992 Costume PackPsychological Horror meets Southern Gothic in this reimagination of the classic survival horror game, In the Dark by OneselfThis love letter to the ground-breaking original lets you experience a haunting story through the eyes of one of two protagonists. Play as either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood and explore your environments, fight monsters, solve puzzles and uncover the uneasy truth of Derceto Manor…Deep in the 1920’s south, Emily Hartwood’s uncle has gone missing. Together with private investigator Edward Carnby, she embarks on a journey to Derceto Manor, a home for the mentally ill where something is lurking. You’ll encounter strange residents, nightmarish realms, dangerous monsters and ultimately uncover a plot of rising evil. At the intersection of reality, mystery, and insanity, an adventure waits that will challenge your core beliefs. Who can you trust, what will you believe, and what will you do next?

    Snow Day in South Park!

    You might be wondering what we’ve been up to with South Park if you saw our preview at the conclusion of last year’s display.

    We’re happy to announce that we’ll be bringing the world of South Park to life in 2024, in full 3D with co-op action in the all new game, Snow Day in South Park! So grab up to three of your friends, and get ready to celebrate the most magical day in any young child’s life – a snow day!

    A New Beginning for the Castaway

    You will come across Adelpha’s inhabitants, the Talans, who are in need of assistance against an encroaching threat as you jetpack across it while honing your abilities, weapons, and mystical powers. By eliminating environmental threats, you can even protect the local flora and fauna. You can also learn village quests to strengthen the Talans’ resolve.

    As you complete more of your desire, Adelpha will feel the effects of each action all around you. Rich flora will reappear, village companies will replenish to give you useful items, and you might even make a few bird friends.

    A New Beginning for the Castaway’s intuitive quest system and fast-paced third person combat have been designed to make it easy for new players to jump in, and we’re looking forward to seeing the stories you weave when the game releases on Xbox Series X|S. We have a feeling that fans of Cutter Slade’s original 1999adventure will be satisfied, as well…


    In Wreckreation, the Three Fields Entertainment arcade racing soldiers group has provided people with the greatest degree of freedom of choice when playing our activities.

    Do you want to create your competitors’ racetracks a small trickier? On the fly, add some barriers or even some stairs and rings. Feeling a little too comfortable in the car? Simply select the list, then enter a flashy fresh drive mid-ride. Need to create the best high-octane havoc video ever? You’re in good hands with us.

    You are let loose in Wreckreation, a sizable track-building playground where you can race, stunt, and eventually crash. Wreckreation was created with online in mind, so you can add your buddies and work together to create the best automotive paradise. You don’t have to live out your crazy track designer fantasies alone.

    Second Titan Quest

    The Goddess of Retribution, Nemesis, has corrupted the Threads of Fate. She faces those who dare to protest with unrelenting torment as she stands unchallenged. A warrior who may change the course of fate had emerge from the chaos.

    Both returning and new players will feel at home with Second Titan Quest, with an intuitive yet deep skill system, and meaningful loot that will see you switching up your build as you progress. Nemesis’ legions are many, and the threat they pose will require you to explore each corner of Grimlore Games’ lovingly crafted world, packed with verticality and secret areas.

    Alone or with friends in online multiplayer, your journey to join the heroes of Greek myth begins when Second Titan Quest releases on Xbox Series X|S.

    A Clockwork Conspiracy, Trine 5

    It’s up to you and your buddies to quit the mechanical army that has taken over the country as of August 31. The incredible Frozenbyte team is returning and bringing the biggest, most magical adventure yet to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, along with Amadeus the Wizard and Zoya the Thief.

    The new puzzle system keeps things interesting by tailoring the challenge to your party size, whether you’re a lone hero or having fun with up to three other people in local and online drop-in / drop-out co-ops. Even experienced Trine players will be kept guessing by the updated fight system and new multi-phase boss battles, so it’s not just about the puzzles.

    The all-new talent search program will make sure you know exactly how to use our brave heroes’ beautiful abilities. They have more tricks up their sleeve than ever.

    When Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy is released at the end of this month, you may pre-order it straight away and join us!

    A Clockwork Conspiracy, Trine 5
    Xbox Live

    A Clockwork Conspiracy, Trine 5

    Nordic THQ

    A Clockwork Conspiracy, Trine 5 will take Amadeus the Wizard, Zoya the Thief, and Pontius the Knight on their most action-packed journey yet!With their reputations tarnished, loved ones in danger, and their own magical powers at stake, the Heroes of Trine must reunite to push back a fearsome Clockwork army and bring peace and justice to the land!Traverse breathtaking 2.5D landscapes in Trine's deepest and visually richest chapter to date, with an all new cast of characters – some friends, some foes, but all unforgettable.Whether by yourself or playing with up to three friends in online and local co-op, the upgraded puzzle difficulty system keeps things fresh, adapting the challenge to the number of players.Level up the heroes' abilities with the all-new skill quest system, growing their legend as they are once again united by… the Trine!

    Remake of Gothic

    The Valley of Mines’ Old Camp is waiting for you! Take a trip through one of the game’s most recognized places to see how it influenced the RPG subgenre. You can feel the heat of a roiling pot, the weight of an empty gold pouch in your palm, and the guard’s hand clasping your shoulder as they prepare to administer justice in this completely internal trailer.

    The staff at Alkimia Interactive is developing an experience that did feel welcoming whether you’ve been a fan of Gothic since the initial or are completely unfamiliar with this famous story of the Nameless Hero. They are doing this while keeping in mind current hardware and gameplay systems while still preserving the charm of unique.

    The Final Ronin( The Game ) by TMNT

    The Final Ronin: Who Is He? A hapless Turtle survives in battle-ravaged New York City in the future and sets out on what seems like an impossible mission to find his missing home.

    The official video game adaptation of &# 8216, TMNT: The Last Ronin, coming to Xbox Series X | S, was inspired by the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is based on the best-selling comic book event by Eastman, Waltz, Bishop, Delgado, and the Escorza Brothers.

    Tikamoon Plains DLC: The Hunter’s Means

    Like to enjoy something right away despite being hyped for all of these revelations? You’re in luck today because we’ve just released a brand-new DLC section for the stunning Way of the Hunter earth.

    Malachi, a seasoned looking guide, will take you through beautiful grasslands and baking savannahs that are home to an array of wildlife, including the tenacious honey badger, cunning hyena, and majestic lion. On PC and Xbox Series X | S, you can explore Tikamoon Plains right now.

    Way of the Hunter - Tikamoon Plains

    Tikamoon Plains, Way of the Hunter, and # 8211

    Nordic THQ

    Getting it right away.
    Greetings from the Tikamoon Plains! Investigate a variety of landscapes, including chilly mountains, deadly desert, and great, life-filled savannahs. Join Malachi as he guides a group of intrepid travelers through the thrilling Tikamoon Plains, which were influenced by the wilds of Africa. To run for the best trophies, enhance your hunting lodge, and immerse yourself in the daily activities of exotic wildlife, arm yourself with a variety of firearms, hunting bows and equipment. Tikamoon Plains will provide you with an unexpected variety of biomes whether you travel there by car, UTV, or on feet. Southeasterly lush, green pastures and riverside forests, dry Savannahs with strewn trees and bushes, and western mountainous and desert areas. Throughout the Tikamoon Plains, there is a thriving wildlife population, especially in the pastures where several species like Egyptian geese, Black Wildebeest, and Common Warthogs are drawn by water sources. Although they mostly live in the Savannahs, where they look for food and find shelter under plants, you may also come across powerful Cape buffaloes in these pastures. It’s really amazing to see orange wildebeests, gemsbok, and spotted hyenas in their natural settings, but exercise caution because the lion rules the plains. Animals like the Greater Kudu can be found in the grasslands and deserts, but if you go into the mountains, you’ll probably get Honey Baders. Despite their enigmatic and lethal nature, desert areas offer opportunities for searching. In this dry setting, the quick and nimble Gemsboks thrive, and you might even come across Spotted Hyenas, which have developed unique survival skills. Each hunting location in the Hunter’s Way offers a distinctive knowledge, but Tikamoon Plains introduces wholly new American conditions, such as the Savannah and Deserts. As a new group of arms, bow have also been added, necessitating an alternative looking strategy to that of weapon. When using them, warrior, use caution.

    That marks the end of our Digital Showcase 2023 wrap-up! We’re eager to show you more on all of these titles – as well as a few others – over the coming months. For now, you can check out our website for all the latest updates on new and upcoming titles, and don’t forget to check out the Nordic THQ Showcase Sale going on now – save up to 75% to celebrate a great year and the best to come.

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