Thursday, September 28, 2023

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    Event 465 of the standard PlayStation Podcast: Dog Days

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    The group explores the splendor of Big Boss battles and discussions in Image Remix for Last Dream 1 this month. Additionally, the group talks about their favorite video game thoughts from the summer.

    Things We Discussed

    • PS5 and PS4 Moving Out 2 and # 8211
    • PS5 and PS4 Madden NFL 24 & # 8211
    • Leading files from the PlayStation Store in July 2023
    • Sea of Stars, Moving Out 2, Life 2, and The Witch Queen are included in the August PlayStation Plus activity library.
    • Return of Earthquake II to the PlayStation Blog
    • Blogging for Lords of the Fallen Game
    • Image Remix for Last Dream 1
    • XVIth Last Story

    Put members

    Manager of Content Communications Tim Turi and # 8211, & nbsp, SIE

    Jr. O’Dell Harmon SIE Specialist in Content Communications

    We are grateful to Dormilón and Cory Schmitz for their contributions to our hip theme music and display songs.

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