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    On October 6, EA Sports NHL 24 hits the PS5 and PS4.

    With a number of new game features, NHL 24 brings the jump and exhaustion of high-pressure hockey to existence. Frostbite powers the Exhaust Engine, which combines the Goalie Fatigue and Sustained Pressure methods to create concentrated pockets of possibility that expand in-game opportunities. When offensive players maintain unpleasant force long enough, the Sustained Pressure System triggers, temporarily lowering the opponent’s attributes to create new opportunities. 75 fresh goalkeeper graphics have been released to take this to living on the snow using the same offensive pressure that affects how goalies react to shots.

    Another thing that will undoubtedly be a big hit in NHL 24: Physics-Based Contact is # 8217. Body checks now appear and feel exactly like they would on ice thanks to real contact, which is more fluid and realistic than ever. With new rag-doll graphics that offer more opportunities for turnovers, figure checks can be performed with even more variety. More play types are made possible by new rag-doll and animation-based reactions, which also free up space and create opportunities for upset through extensive body checks. Perhaps breaking the glass and sending players tumbling to the terrace are possible with body checks that are timed perfectly.

    People can now play against and with people on same-generation consoles thanks to enhanced cross-play in Ultimate Hockey Team and Chelworld, which makes EA Sports NHL 24 more related than ever.

    The snow was hit by innovative features.

    People goalkeeper controls that have been updated

    With new and updated game features like the Tethered Control System, which enables players to automatically roll back and forth after making significant saves, playing in aim is better than ever. By allowing players to think a shot’s location, the new Instinct System increases the dynamic nature of saving shots and offers players the chance to win money on each save attempt.

    Ultimate Hockey Team

    The brand-new HUT Moments feature allows players to practice and share the biggest plays from the current season as well as traditional hockey moments. There &# 8217 also has a brand-new objective-tracking system that updates in real-time based on item types, teams, players, and on-ice actions. Players can now complete goals more quickly and concentrate more on constantly producing memorable frost moments.


    Not only is cross-play making Chelworld even bigger, this fan-favorite mode is also bringing a streamlined Creation Zone to give players more customization in NHL 24. EASHL Playoffs now has a different format that keeps things simple on a do-or-die 16-game path to glory, and players will earn individual Ranking Points as they move up in the bracket.

    assessment that has been modernized

    With 75 fresh objective celebration animations, camera angles, lighting effects, and the ability to chart celebrations to controller buttons, Flex Moments is a huge, all-encompassing broadcast upgrade that allows players to customize each celebration to their preferences. NHL 24 has the most powerful, natural crowd reactions but thanks to occasion reactions in-game, which now support considerable stoppages, rushes down the ice, Exhaust Engine peaks, and remarkable comeback moments.

    On October 6, EA Sports NHL 24 hits the PS5 and PS4. Learn more about pre-order information above to improve your skates and get ready for a new season of professional sports.

    Pre-order information

    Pre-order EA Sports NHL 24 Standard Edition and get:

    • Image Choice Pack House Power Up
    • Battle Pass XP Modifier( x2 ) for World of Warcraft

    Pre-order the EA SPORTSTM NHL 24 X-Factor Book and get:

    • ( Only available before 9 / 25 ) HUT Team Building Player Choice Pack
    • Two Entitlement
    • First Exposure for three days
    • NHL Factors totaling 4600
    • Cale Makar Person Product Only
    • Image Choice Pack House Power Up
    • Battle Pass XP Modifier( x5 ) for World of Warcraft

    * Restrictions &# 038, apply. For more information, go to http :// / games / nhl / dhL-24 / game-and-offer-disclaimers.

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