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    This quarter, Megadeth visits World of Tanks and Warships.

    Who would have thought that this August’s music festival would put one of the biggest heavy metal bands in charge of our warships and tanks? June is the time for music festivals.

    We sincerely hope you share Wargaming’s material heads’ enthusiasm. Starting on August 29 on the PS4 and PS5, join us for World of Warships: Legends and World Of Tanks Modern Armor’s Steel Festival featuring Megadeth!

    This occasion needed to be significant. Megadeth was established in 1983 and is one of the” Big 4″ thrash metal bands. It has won numerous Grammys and platinum records. The group could merely fully immerse themselves in the game.

    Vehicles and a ship

    Let’s begin by exploring the main features of each game. & nbsp,

    • People can purchase the Soldier on M67, a brand-new flame tank from World War II, and the” Peace Sells” Leclerc Ares design in World of Tanks Modern Armor. & nbsp,
    • People can purchase the British Tier IV Premium Cruiser Rattlehead in World of Warships: Legends.

    According to Konstantin Tkachenko, product manager for Legends,” we had a committed group of artists who mainly worked on the style aspects for the ship.” ” We worked together with the group to present our ideas and take their suggestions into consideration.”

    Older maker JJ Bakken embodies that cooperative attitude on the Tanks part. He claims that the band made suggestions early on and that we worked together on numerous revisions. ” We had a clear path because the pond models are direct allusions to two Megadeth record artworks.”

    Megadeth’s substantial discography may make it difficult to select albums to use as the foundation for vehicles, but Bakken and the Tanks team were struck by two specific concepts. & nbsp,

    ” Peace Sells ,” but who is purchasing? is such a well-known recording, and the artwork’s fantastic style complements our tank from the Cold War. The song” Soldier On!” is appropriate for our World War II pond. The Sick, the Dying … and the Dead!, a new album. is what really motivated us to mention that album visually?

    The group also didn’t hesitate. ” Our Cold War era reservoir is particularly chock full of references, especially in the writing colors on the tank ,” claims Bakken. We knew it was set when the pond was full, right?

    However, the circle also required that everything be approved.

    According to renowned vocalist Dave Mustaine,” I knew they got it when I saw the Vic Rattlehead Realtor campaign on that container.” The fact of Peace Sells’ art was” victor selling house after the tragedy.”

    Regarding Mr. Mustaine’s business …

    Those in charge

    Without including Megadeth in each activity, Metal Fest would not be possible:

    • All four band members — Mustaine, bassist James LoMenzo, drummer Dirk Verbeuren, guitarist Kiko Loureiro, and notorious mascot Vic Rattlehead — will be available as 2D Commanders in World of Tanks Modern Armor.
    • For British commanders in World of Warships: Legends, Mustaine and Vic may be especially created disguises.
    • A Vic Rattlehead 3D Commander with 17 graphics made especially for him will even be featured in Tanks.

    Andy Dorizas, the art director for Tanks says that Vic’s animations” absolutely differ from the normal ] 3D ] Commanders.” He” rocks out” in the door and gestures with his steel horns in front of the camera. We wanted the figure windows to reflect his complete metalheadness.

    That is not all, though. The group members themselves will provide a unique voice for each Megadeth Commander in both activities, marking the first instance of movie game VO.

    According to Brendan Blewett, the music director for Tanks,” The recordings were held mildly, and I was on video phone to provide path.” The singer’s producer and sound engineer Chris Rakestraw was also present in person and on film. During the classes, the men would riff on outlines or crack jokes, some of which might be kept as Easter eggs.

    Over the course of around a year, each group member recorded 329 indicators for Tanks and 219 statements for Legends.

    Vic Rattlehead’s ranges are included, making this the first time the symbol will always speak in front of an audience. Who provided Vic’s speech, too?

    Travis Shinn is the photographer.

    ” Mr. Dave Mustaine alone, please!” says Blewett. The Vic Rattlehead impact was developed by Chris Rakestraw and Dave. To generate Vic sound when imposing and large as the character is, they had to put in a lot of artistic work.

    Who else would accomplish it, really? says Mustaine. Vic has spent the majority of my life with me. You will then all be able to hear the sound of this speech inside my head.

    Travis Shinn is the photographer.

    This is just a portion of what Metal Fest has to offer, so you know you didn’t lose it. Beginning on August 29, take a look!

    Dave Mustaine is the owner of the trademark Megadeth ®, which may be used with authorization.

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