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    Details of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s play were revealed.

    Participants of the PlayStation, pay attention! On Friday, November 10, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III will be released. Learn more about each PlayStation game version that is currently available, as well as the preorder benefits you will receive between now and the game’s release, and learn about some of the functions coming to Modern Warfare III.


    In the face of the greatest danger, conform or perish. Captain Price and Task Force 141 face off against the greatest danger in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s strong movie. Task Force 141 is fighting like never before as a result of Vladimir Makarov’s expansion of his influence throughout the world.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III gameplay details revealed

    Conflict missions that are available

    Combat means making choices. In addition to signature, cinematic Call of Duty campaign missions, Modern Warfare III introduces Conflict missions that are available that provide more player choice than ever before.

    Utilize night-vision goggles and silenced weaponry for a covert approach or enhance your protection with additional armor plates and engage the targets directly. The expansive mission environment offers you the freedom to tackle your objective from multiple angles. Play how you want, and Conflict missions that are available will support it.


    It’s time to start fresh and sit old scores. One of the best collections of Modern Warfare Multiplayer maps ever put together— both fan favorites and brand-new ones— celebrates Call of Duty’s 20th anniversary. Over 12 brand-new core 6v6 maps will fuel post-launch live seasons, while all 16 launch maps from the first Modern Warfare 2 ( 2009 ) have been updated with new modes and gameplay features.

    Afghan. Derail. real property Favela. Karachi. a rise. intrusion. a rock run-down. Iron. a garage Skidrow. Sub Base. Switch. abide by. Wasteland. On Day One, all!

    The most recent technology, game, modes, information, and more, such as Cutthroat, a brand-new exciting 3v3v3, may be incorporated into the maps, which will maintain their authenticity.

    Return of the earth war and war methods

    New Ground War maps with creative enjoy spaces and the incredible resurgence and development of the well-liked War Mode, which made its debut in Call of Duty: WWII in 2017, will also be released with Modern Warfare III. These are made up of a second, enormous War function as well as three brand-new Battle Maps, which represent the battlegrounds for Modern Warfare III’s Ground War and Invasion activity types.


    Coming to Modern Warfare III Tactical Stance offers the ideal middle ground between freedom and correctness. It is clear and concise thanks to the new military stability feature. What to anticipate from Tac-Stance is as follows:

    Dynamically enter the position as desired using & nbsp.

    Significantly speed up your ADS motion while using it, but your accuracy will suffer as a result.

    You may fire in Tac-Stance while sliding, nbsp.

    & nbsp, made for aggressive, close-quarters combat.

    potency in motion

    Modern Warfare III introduces new levels of Create-a-Class flexibility. Prepare to modify more aspects of gameplay by creating your loadout using cutting-edge military boots, gloves, military vests, and helmets.

    Move ahead

    You’ll bring Modern Warfare III a ton of material and weaponry that you’ve already seen in Modern Wars II. This implies that on Day One, you will be able to use every Multiplayer tool in your MWII arsenal as well as all the new weapons in Modern Warfare III.

    Zombies in the open earth

    In the biggest Call of Duty Zombies chart always, band together with other squads for the first time to survive and battle enormous hordes of the undead. With missions, essential Zombies features, and secrets to learn, the modern Warfare zombies ( MWZ ) tell a brand-new Treyarch zombie story. Prepared for a PvE success experience in the open against some of Call of Duty’s most formidable foes.

    The PlayStation Store today offers preorders.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, which is currently available at the PlayStation Store, should be preordered to prepare for the greatest hazard. With knowledge of all the various Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III iterations and the different rewards you receive for preordering, get ready for its release on November 10th.

    Vault Edition of Modern Warfare III

    The Vault Edition, which costs$ 99.99 USD SRP or its equivalent in your place, is the best option for fans of Modern Warfare III on the PlayStation. The Vault Edition of the match includes the following in addition to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 types:

    • Early Access Campaign( Preorder Advantage )
    • Early access to open beta( preorder benefit )
    • Operator Pack for Soap
    • Operator Pack for Nemesis
    • Vaults for Two Weapons
    • The Battle Pass, BlackCell Sector, which has 1, 100 CP, 55 full Battle Token Tier Skips, and more are all included in the One Season of Blackcell.

    Operator Pack for Nemesis (Vault Edition Benefit)

    Four renowned multiplayer operators— Captain Price, Ghost, Warden, and Makarov — will be available to players who preorder the Vault Edition as soon as the game launches. Each Operator is dressed in a faction-themed active outfit. The Modern Warfare III Open Beta will also include the Nemesis Operator Skins.

    Vaults for Two Weapons* (Vault Edition Benefit)

    There are two FATE Weapon Vaults included in the tomb model. Each FATE Weapon Vault, which is also available in the Open Beta, is a Modern Warfare III tool version that retains all of its basic platform’s aesthetic features. Depending on the version you’ve selected, this enables quick flexibility and makes every relevant connection available for use right away in Task Force 141 or the Konni Group colors.

    BlackCell Offering in Season 1 **

    The Modern Warfare III Season 1 BlackCell giving, which includes the Battle Pass, CP, Battle Token Tier Skips, and more, is available when you preorder the Vault Edition.

    The following are included in this extraordinary content drop:

    • Up to 1,400 Fish Points can be unlocked in addition to 25 Tier Skips from BlackCell and exposure to a MWIII Season Battle Pass.
    • The Vault Edition comes with an extra 30 Tier Skips.
    • the Battle Pass Map’s BlackCell Sector, which has a variety of unique articles and can be immediately unlocked next to it.
    • BattlePass-only material from BlackCell: look for Blueprints of weapons, Alt Operator Skins, and more.

    Additionally, the complete Battle Pass comes with access to more than 100 rewards from various Sectors, including items related to Modern Warfare III, such as efficient weapons, blueprints and technician skins.

    Cross-Gen Edition of Modern Warfare III

    The following order benefits are available for$ 69.99 USD SRP or your local equal in the Cross-Gen version of Modern Warfare III:

    • Early Access Campaign( Preorder Advantage )
    • Early access to open beta( preorder benefit )
    • Operator Pack for Soap

    Modern Warfare III is available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 if you preorder the Cross-Gen Digital Edition, also known as Vault Edition.

    Switch to the Vault Edition: You can still get Modern Warfare III’s Cross-Gen Digital Edition if you preorder it. For$ 30 USD SRP or your local relative, improve directly through the Call of Duty in-game business or the PlayStation Store.

    Operator Pack for Soap***

    Instantly unlock the Operator Pack for Soap with any Digital Edition of Modern Warfare III.

    • Receive the” Shadow Siege” Weapon Blueprint,” Unmasked Soap” Skin, and” Masked Skin” immediately.
    • The Operator Pack for Soap can be immediately used in Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone, and will carry forward, meaning it will also be available in Modern Warfare III when it launches on November 10th.

    First entry to the plan ****

    A preview of the Campaign is available to PlayStation people who online preorder Modern Warfare III. People who online preorders Modern Warfare III can get ready for Campaign Early Access to combat the biggest threat up until a week before the game’s release.

    First entry to the open beta

    PlayStation people will have first access to Modern Warfare III’s Open Beta regardless of the game version you preorder, including both the digital and physical versions. Take a quick look at the tournament’s Multiplayer mode, which includes surprises, maps, modes, and weapons. The PlayStation Store then offers preorders!

    Maintain your frost.

    Weapon Vault patterns are initially restricted to their contents.

    Once the Season 1 Battle Pass, or an equivalent method, is made available in-game, Modern Warfare III will support BlackCell, BattlePass, Tier Skips, and similar variations. Just one year of Modern Warfare III Battle Pass, or an similar structure, is eligible for BlackCell and BattlePass forgiveness.

    (***) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II / Call of Duty: Warzone required to redeem Operator Pack for Soap. Sold/downloaded separately.

    Based on estimated access, real play time, potential outages, and appropriate time zone differences, one week.

    True system availability and MP Beta release dates are subject to change (*****). Visit website. For more information, visit / beta. Two weeks is the shortest Open Beta period. Early Access Beta Codes are only valid at participating shops for a limited amount of time. It might be necessary to subscribe to website gameplay.

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