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    You can continue playing your favorite sports even though the Xbox 360 Store may close in July 2024.

    The Xbox 360’s launch 18 years ago may be celebrated in November. A generation-defining system, it encouraged some people to start playing video games and make friends all over the world. People have reportedly developed a lifelong love of video games over the years, beginning with classic Xbox 360 games like Kameo, Gears of War, and Fable 2. We’re excited that so many gamers continue to use Backward Compatibility to play their preferred Xbox 360 game on their newer consoles.

    We want to promote something new about the Xbox 360 practice as 2024 approaches:

    • The Xbox 360 Store and the Xbox Marketplace( marketplace ) will no longer allow users to buy new games, DLC, and other entertainment-related content on July 29, 2024. ( )
    • As a result of this change, after July 29th, 2024, your Xbox 360 will no longer be able to view TV and movie content thanks to the Microsoft Movies & amp, TV software. & nbsp,

    You can keep buying sports and DLC from the Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace through this time until July 2024.

    Your ability to play Xbox 360 games or DLC that you have already bought won’t be impacted by this shift. Through backward compatibility, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S devices as well as previously purchased Xbox 360 game content can still be played.

    Since the Xbox 360’s 2005 release, a lot has changed. We are committed to making Xbox Series X | S the best gaming platform both now and in the future as a result of evolving technology and changing player expectations.

    You can also play and re-download recently purchased content and connect with friends thanks to our commitment to maintaining your ability to play the articles you have previously purchased on your desired device.

    Above, we’ll try to answer some of your concerns first:

    After July 2024, will I still be able to play Xbox 360 activities?

    Yes, you can still use the Xbox 360 game you bought. You can however start playing the game even if you bought it online or physically. You can also re-download a match that you’ve deleted from your purchase if you want to play it again.

    What about Xbox Network online games? Is my friends and I also play?

    Yes. As long as the publication continues to support online servers, you may still be able to play activities and socialize with friends through online on the games you bought after July 2024. If you decide to continue playing any of the games on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S, your cloud saves will transfer. You can still save your games and move them to the cloud.

    Are backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games also available to purchase and sing? & nbsp,

    Buying or playing Xbox 360 games that are backwards appropriate has no effect. On the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and, you can still buy hundreds of fantastic backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games as well as Original Xbox games and DLC after July 29, 2024. We have worked hard to preserve since many activities as we can through our backward-compatible system because we value the rich history of gaming. The complete list of titles that are backwards-compatible is available around.

    & nbsp, We’ve taken the time to improve those games so they look and play better than ever while remaining true to the original version for those who want to continue playing Xbox 360 games on the Xbox Series X | S. With FPS Boost, Car Hd, and quicker loading times, you may enjoy those Xbox 360 games. & nbsp,

    How can I keep downloading and streaming the Xbox 360-purchased Microsoft Movies and TV articles? & nbsp,

    Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Windows devices running Windows 10 or later can use the Microsoft Movies & amp, TV app. Any information you buy from the Xbox 360 Store will be stored in your collection and accessible on these gadgets. Additionally, the Movies Anywhere app or website allows for the streaming and downloading of all purchased movies, amp, and TV content that is available for watching movies somewhere. See: & nbsp, Movies Anywhere on Microsoft Movie andamp, TV for more details.

    What sources are there for more details?

    Please visit our support page at https :// / help / Xbox-360 / store / Stooped-Update-Marketplace if you have any additional questions.

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