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    Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon developers are interviewed.

    In this discussion, we spoke with Masaru Yamamura, the show’s director, and maker Yasunori Ogura to talk about how they came to create Armored Core VI, go into more detail about the gameplay and viewpoint, as well as its distinctive tank Assembly features and action.

    Making Armored Core was our top priority.

    PlayStation Blog: This is the most recent installment in the series since Armored Core: Verdict Day, which was published in 2013. Please explain how the show was revived after ten years and # 8211, when the initial planning and development began.

    Ogura: I want to start by saying thank you to everyone for sticking with the Armored Core set over the years, particularly our fans who have waited ten years since the preceding film, Armostd Key: Verdict Day.

    The President of our company, Hidetaka Miyazaki, myself, the chairman, Yamamura, and many other members of the development staff were all very interested in developing a new Armored Core activity during the process leading up to the creation of this name. Through our encounter creating different games, we also developed a group of extremely talented individuals, so we essentially had no reason not to move forward with the creation of the new Armored Core.

    In order to determine the direction of the new passage, Miyazaki and a small group of original managers decided to reevaluate the Armored Core series’ fundamentals around the year 2018 in the early stages of growth. Yamamura joined the project and assumed the role of chairman following the release of Sekiro: Dark Death Double in 2019. Around 2020, full-scale growth began.

    We had to set aside domestic sources for the creation of other names because we had several projects going on at the same time. which led to a protracted ten-year worry for this game.

    Key Armored Core activities include gathering the ideal pro and outgunting the adversaries in fierce combat.

    PSB: You mentioned how you revisited the Armored Core series’ elements in order to develop a new activity game. What aspects of the line, in your opinion, give players a special and fascinating experience?

    Yamamura: In my opinion, the most important Armored Core knowledge may be summed up as Assembly. In a large sense, assembling can be viewed as an example of character development, but play that necessitates constant self-improvement in response to the game’s challenges is distinct. It’s so much more than just a game feature; it gives players the opportunity to customize their mech, fosters their sense of community, and enables them to indulge themselves in the action like skilled mercenaries needed to modify and adapt weaponry between missions. Andnbsp, I believe that when taken as a whole, these characteristics define Armored Core and its worldview.

    PSB: Compared to earlier games in the sequence, were there any things you purposefully chose to change or no change?

    Yamamura: The depth and richness of the modification and assembly were two things we did not want to modify. We didn’t want to make any of the parts that gave people the freedom to design and modify their own mechs simpler.

    On the other hand, too little complexity puts new people at risk of being rejected. As a result, compared to earlier games, lessons and the introduction of new functions in earlier segments of the sport are pretty thorough. This, in my opinion, was one of the items we decided to alter.

    A distinctive perspective on life and death, as well as a tale that affirms world,

    PSB: What disaster engulfed Rubicon, the sun systems in the area and the border growth earth on which this activity is set? Can you elaborate on the plot and qualifications for us?

    Yamamura: The disaster, known as the Fires of Ibis, was brought on by the eruption of the new energy resource Coral. In addition to engulfing Rubicon and the nearby star systems in flames, it seriously and fatally contaminated the natural environment.

    There were places of Rubicon that survived the catastrophe, but this large-scale fire had a specific reflectivity pattern. The Rubiconians, who are descended from the early settlers and creators of this continent, made it through the disaster unharmed. However, because the Planetary Blockade Authority, an intergalactic people organization, has sealed off the world and other damaged star systems, they are now compelled to live in hostile conditions as if they were being imprisoned on their planet.

    Therefore, extraterrestrial companies decided to move in on Rubicon, exploiting the spaces in the celestial siege, to fight for control of the compound after learning that Corals that were supposed to have been destroyed by the Fires of Ibis had resurfaced.

    Consider your best blend in Master Assembly to complete the task.

    PSB: What were the main points of the Assembly feature, which enables people to design their own machines?

    Yamamura: We concentrated on ensuring that the Assembly have has an impact on the play and think of an action game, particularly the leg parts that control the movement of the mech. For instance, adding four feet to your tank may change how it functions fundamentally, enabling you to hover and maintain your position in the air. Our goal was to ensure that each artillery had distinctive shooting techniques, flinch, and bullet patterns. Players will be able to put together mechs to their preference in comparison to earlier games in the set based on appearance, specifications, and playstyle.

    Additionally, players can assign four different weapons to the shoulder buttons of the controller ( L1 / L2 / R1 / R2 ), and in theory, they can all be used simultaneously. This is where the Stagger program comes into play because people can design various develops using a variety of weapons and strategies. When the enemy is dazed and susceptible, players can plan which weapon they’ll use to cause impact damage, induce a stagger, or deal strong damage. We hope that people will enjoy being creative and discover their best weapons configurations because this is a new feature that encourages gamers to think more about their weapons options.

    * A combat system where attacks cause impact injury to accumulate, and when that happens, the approach control system becomes overwhelmed, leaving the mechs briefly vulnerable.

    PSB: Do you have any advice for newcomers to the line regarding the game’s basic concepts or the Assembly have?

    Yamamura: To make the play more user-friendly, we’ve added a Target Assist feature. You don’t have to press a button each time you come across an army because when this feature is activated, it will immediately focus on enemies within the specified selection of your display. We hope that people will take advantage of this feature and possess fun piloting the tank because you will be kept active with the three-dimensional configuration and many arms.

    It’s often a good idea to replace the engine for Assembly. You won’t have to worry too much if your generator has a large EN capacity because you’ll have enough room to jump and fly around.

    I advise using brawl weapons like the blades for those who find it challenging to use various weapons at once. It is a great entry tool because melee weapons cause significant damage and because swinging it prevents you from using other weapons.

    PSB: Do you have a text for all the enthusiasts who are anticipating the transfer?

    Ogura: It has been ten times since our last game in the set, and I am incredibly grateful that we can finally keep our word to anyone. The Armored Core series’ excitement is still present in Armored Core VI, a brand-new tank activity game that also incorporates the ten years’ worth of knowledge and experience we gained from developing different games. We hope that fans will recover the brilliance of the Armored Core set and that those playing for the first time will appreciate this innovative approach to the modern combat shooter developed by FromSoftware. For the upcoming Armored Core line, we hope to advance this activity.

    Yamamura: I apologize sincerely for the lengthy delay. Our staff has been putting a lot of effort into developing an Armored Core game that offers both the same enjoyable experience and fresh, interesting components that are only available to us immediately. I’m grateful to all the new players who are eagerly anticipating this subject as well as the fans who haven’t forgotten about the Armored Core line over the past ten years. I really appreciate it. I’ll see you in Rubicon!

    By PlayStation Official blog (blog.playstation.com)

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