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    How the fresh NBA 2K24 play features on the PS5 and PS4 enhance the user experience for newcomers

    Baseball enthusiasts and players alike can enjoy the most traditional hoop gaming experiences thanks to the NBA 2K franchise. In NBA 2K24, which is available on September 8 on the PS5 and PS4, we just sat down with Gameplay Director Mike Wang to talk about enhancements and how the gameplay is easier for beginners.

    PlayStation Blog: Could you first show us about your position in NBA 2K24 as a whole?

    Mike Wang: My role is essentially everything that involves controls, living, and the on-court experience. My team is in charge of the gameplay on the sticks, and I &# 8217 is directly involved with it.

    Updates to Gameplay are a major target for NBA 2K24. What are some of the game changes that you and # 8217 are most eager to show for the viewers?

    There are many highlights for gameplay in There &# 8217, but I believe accessibility was one of the main areas we wanted to concentrate on this year. That was something we clearly and loudly heard in our neighborhood. That &# 8217 is where a large portion of our design changes originate, coming directly from the neighborhood. And last year, they truly enjoyed shooting, especially the more skilled and extreme players who loved how it was more skill-based and allowed the best players to rise to the top. However, we also thought that we could have made it a little more approachable for younger people, younger children, and those who were unfamiliar with 2K. Making the game more visible was therefore a major focus for this year. And it really covered everything, including training, defense, and shooting. Almost all play features were made more visible. Therefore, we &# 8217 are thrilled about that.

    Were there any additional community-requested modifications that the group wanted to see made to the activity this year?

    Color security was one of the most important things that the community as a whole actually wanted to see improved. I believe we definitely started thinking about how to improve that and# 8217 on various levels and techniques in our game this season. Therefore, the body up, that &# 8217, is essentially our on-ball defense in the collisions that occur when you body-up the ball-handler. That system was blown out, especially under the basket/ around the rim, and that contact there, as well as the post-contact in paint shots in particular — being able to put a body on the shooter in-the-paint was an important factor in improving paint defense. It feels right to score in the color. Additionally, scoring from the border feels accurate; when you make the right shots, you get the desired results. Or you get the results you expect if you &# 8217, re getting guarded, and you + 5217 are taking bad shots. Therefore, those are the kinds of things that we and # 8217 are constantly working to make better.

    What served as the impetus for the game enhancements involving particular players’ actions that were implemented in NBA 2K24?

    That &# 8217 is something that we set out on, I believe, a journey of about 2K7. We &# 8217 have always considered it to be a distinctive style. If you’re a fan of the NBA or basketball in general, I think it’s one of those team sports where, even if you couldn’t see the players, you could still see who &# 8217, just because people are so different in how they move and shoot. There are many recurring basketball moves that people develop their muscle memory for, and you can show KD shoots in a specific way. & nbsp,

    Therefore, for us, it &# 8217 is constantly considering what the NBA is. What are the people in the NBA doing? What are they doing? What are the shots they &# 8217 would like to take, and how can we best incorporate them into our game so that they reflect who we are? Therefore, it actually comes down to many factors. It all comes down to how AI functions, our methods, and the brains we give our people and how they use them. Do they prefer to drive on the right or left, pull over, or go to the brim and complete strongly through traffic, among other things? It &# 8217, s the animations they receive, whether they are their dribble moves, jump shot packages, or layup packages. It actually combines a little bit of anything. It’s a never-ending trip for us to make the NBA players perform exactly like their real-life counterparts. It &# 8217, a move I believe we’ve made on NBA 2K24, has advanced to the next level.

    Was there a unique move or touchdown item that you were most eager to imitate and add to NBA 2K24?

    Nikola Joki is one that constantly comes to mind because he and # 8217 are anomalies. Joki is right there, just like LeBron is, like Shaq was, and like Curry is among all these men who sort of flout the principles of hockey. With that touch and pass vision, you don’t see a guy, # 8217. Therefore, I believe that his touchdown package contains the most original material in the game this season. He occasionally has floaters that look extremely awkward or he stumbles into the paint with an awkward-looking shot that will always come in. But yeah, Joki is one of those men who stands out to me as being really well synced up, especially with his touchdown package. However, there are a lot of things that have improved. I have a lot of guys I may contact out. De’Aaron Fox is a different person. This time, his dribbling moves are incredible. They and # 8217 are extremely explosive. Yes, the control is extremely limited, just like the real-life player. Curry as well. He &# 8217 is a man we had come to mocap, in fact. He has already made all of his movements for us. However, we received even more this year, and they are quite impressive (# 8217 ). I’m sure that since all the kids adore Curry, they’ll appreciate the changes they &# 8217 will see in him this year as well.

    Do you want to draw attention to any more gameplay details that players may not initially notice?

    We haven’t really announced much of it however,# 8217. However, this year’s emblem game is pretty complex. Let &# 8217, to put it another way, how you play on the court will determine how your badges are shaped and what your player will ultimately look like. Therefore, if you repeatedly perform something — let’s say you enjoy spinning jumpers— you will notice that your skills as a spin jumper player gradually develop over time. As a result, you’ll discover that the way you play the game and the activities you enjoy doing on the court will help you sort for develop your player. I &# 8217, I’m thrilled about that. & nbsp,

    I &# 8217, I’m thrilled to introduce a new game feature that allows you to customize your player while playing. It’s going to be fascinating to see how that develops. The play-calling stuff is definitely another subtle thing, and it’s a very subtle thing. Because that and # 8217 are really important to our game. Because you &# 8217 are seeing actual NBA playbooks and many people simply don’t even understand what these coaches are running or what their actions even mean, it & 5217 is something that a lot of people are somewhat intimidated by. This time, we made a lot of it simpler. Favorite Plays is a new feature that allows you to select from up to 16 of the most popular plays in basketball, from give-and-gos to quick ISOs and floppies, by simply pressing left on the d-pad, you &# 8217. Additionally, we have a function called 2K SmartPlay that we recently added. If you turn on that feature, a small map will appear to show you who the best person is and what action is best to work for that person at this point in the game as you come up the court every single time and every ownership. Therefore, it &# 8217 is a nice entry-level method for learning more about NBA basketball nuances in addition to NBA 2K.

    What about NBA 2K24 do you think the typical basketball player did find interesting?

    Oh, without a doubt. Again, we started at the top of the call by talking about accessibility. That &# 8217, s something else. What are the complex things that advanced users get into? We &# 8217, we’ve always taken pride in this as well because you mentioned it earlier. Every year, we &# 8217, take great pride in our efforts to make it easier for you to succeed by teaching you how to use the left stick to move around, as well as the shoot, pass, and steal buttons on defense, if necessary. However, if you jump into some of the lower difficulty levels, you can actually play the game with just two icons or even three buttons and still succeed. & nbsp,

    Rookie is actually intended for someone who has never played baseball but has seen the game on television. If they enter Rookie, it’s very easy to grab some sticks for a young child or even just to get the ball. Then, run round and, maybe, reopen. However, even if they were covered, they would still not receive the same punishment as those who are in higher difficulty levels, such as # 8217. If you &# 8217 are new to basketball, I believe you should just get your feet wet with some of those lower difficulty levels. We also have a feature called 2K U that essentially describes all the moves in the game. We changed it to where it &# 8217 is a tutorial mode where you can enter, watch the move take place, and then receive detailed instructions.

    NBA 2K24 has you covered with lots of game improvements to support level up your game this season, from seasoned vets to bright-eyed quarterback hoopers. On September 8th, NBA 2K24 will be available on PS5 and PS4.

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