Thursday, September 28, 2023

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    Xbox 2023 Stand from the Display Floor: How to View

    Gamescom is one of our favorite instances of the year. The largest Xbox hall we’ve always had will be present at the largest gaming event in the world this year. We are eager to spend time with our fantastic Xbox group in Cologne.

    To meet us, however, you are not required to purchase a solution to Germany. We want to make certain we’re bringing Xbox’s joy, passion, and true feelings to you at home because we know not everyone can succeed.

    Consoles at Gamescom 2023: Stand from the Show Floor provides three days of livestreamed radio from our booth’s center from Wednesday, August 23, to Friday, July 25, in addition to providing complete protection of the event around on Xbox Wire.

    We’ll take you designer interviews, in-depth analyses, and play for major Xbox and PC games like Iii Age of Empires, Second Alan Wake, ARA: Unfathomable History, Pets at parties, 3 Overnight, Towerborne, Motorsports Forza, Starfield, etc. each day, airing from 4pm to 7pm CEST( 7am – 10am Pacific ).

    Additionally, we’ll have a conversation with Xbox’s Phil Spencer, see behind-the-scenes work on Senua: Hellblade 2 with the Ninja Theory team, and commemorate ID @ Xbox on its tenth anniversary.

    No matter where you are in the world, we’ll give you a tour of the hall and make sure you don’t miss anything!

    When and where to see

    Time 1
    Wednesday, August 23, 7am-10am Pacific, 3pm-6pm UK, 4pm-7pm CEST( native day in Cologne ).

    Time 1 Content

    • Starfield
    • Iii Devil
    • 10 Year Celebration for ID @ Xbox
    • 33 gods
    • Meeting with Phil Spencer
    • Aircraft Simulation from Microsoft
    • Iii Age of Empires

    Morning 2
    Thursday, August 24: 7am to 10am Pacific, 3pm to 6pm UK, 4 pm to 7pm CEST( native time in Cologne ).

    Morning 2 Content

    • 2077 Cyborg: Phantom Liberty
    • Motorsports Forza
    • Soul of Chernobyl: S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2
    • Jusant
    • Second Alan Wake
    • Starward Matrix in Member Dreamer 2
    • The Guy Who Erased His Title: Like a Lion Revenues
    • Burns of River: Armored Core V
    • Online Adult Manuscripts
    • ARA: Unfathomable History

    Time 3
    Friday, August 25: Regional day in Cologne: 7am-10am Pacific, 3pm-6pm UK, 4pm-7pm CEST.

    Time 3 Content

    • Locations: Cityscapes II
    • An Upgrade from Unusual: Sea of Thieves
    • Pets at parties
    • Hinterberg Dragons
    • 3 Overnight
    • Hellblade 2: Behind the Scenes With Ninja Concept in Senua’s Story
    • The Deep Also Wakes
    • Towerborne

    Check your native Xbox social media accounts or the following Xbox programs:


    Convenience and localization

    Along with American Sign Language and English Audio Descriptions, the lived English-language spread from the Xbox gamescom hall will be available in German, French, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese Spanish, and Latin American Spanish.

    Notes for Creators and Co-Streamers

    If you choose to do so, we at Xbox will be grateful for any co-stream initiatives and will do our best to ensure that you have a smooth experience. We may, however, promise that bugs or disruptions caused by machines and other automated program won’t affect your co-stream because of forces beyond our control. We advise against using any audio that contains copyrighted music if you intend to create post-show breakdowns of the Xbox @ gamescom streams in the form of Video on Demand ( VOD ) coverage. This will prevent any action by automated bots, and you should also check the terms of service for your service provider.

    Trivia & nbsp Xbox FanFest,

    The Xbox FanFest Trivia is almost here! This is your chance to win fantastic medals and, most importantly, to have a blast! Xbox FanFest Trivia will be a fun group issue that will set your Xbox knowledge to the test. It is hosted by Xbox’s Kelly Lombardi and Ethan Rothamel.

    Anyone can enjoy this 60-minute world livestream event on Twitch. tv / xbox Visit us on August 23, 2023, at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time, 7:30 p. h., UK, and 8:00 c.t. CEST. Anyone can participate, but just Xbox FanFest participants who have registered may win prizes. ( 18 +). Check out the Official Rules. At / fanfest, you can sign up to become an Xbox FanFest member for free.

    An Xbox Series X, a 12-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate license, Microsoft Rewards details, gift cards for the Xbox Gear Shop, and more are up for grabs for individuals. We hope to see you there, whether you want to participate or simply listen and observe.

    Xbox Coverage on Social Media

    Keep an eye on the @ Xbox X( Twitter ), Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube social media accounts, as well as the @ XBoxDACH Twitter, Facebook. Instagram. TikTok, YouTube, for all the most recent Xbox updates at gamescom this year. Our event hashtag is # Xboxgamescom.

    Visit Xbox at Gamescom 2023 to learn more about our entire Xbox appearance this year.

    We are happy to welcome you to gamescom, whether you are on the ground in Cologne or watching from house.

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    Xbox Official news (

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