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    explains to the publisher why he believes the collection has experienced a significant resurgence.

    Suits Creator

    Suits‘ father, Aaron Korsh, has revealed what he believes is responsible for the subsequent surge in popularity the drama series has experienced.

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    What did the creator of Suits have to say about the show’s rapid popularity and# 8217?

    Korsh was questioned about what, in his opinion, caused Suits to become so popular nearly four years after it ended in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The creator attributed it to a number of factors, including an extremely popular TikTok video that featured scenes from the series # 8217, pilot, and Meghan Markle’s appearance on the program before she was made Duchess of Sussex.

    There’s no denying that there is some curiosity about Meghan [ Markle ], and Netflix knows how to entice you to watch a television show before it builds on itself. &# 8220, I believe people are tuning into it because of that TikTok thing, and # 8221, Korsh explained. &# 8220, Now, why do you think people are reacting to it, in my opinion? It’s not entirely different from how I felt about Ted Lasso after the crisis, in my opinion. Suits’ characters, in my opinion, either see themselves in one or discover who they wish they were, and it also has a certain enthusiasm to it despite the fact that tragic events do occur.

    &# 8220, It’s funny, I’ve noticed that over the years, whenever someone on the show suffers a setback, viewers become very upset. However, I believe that people are connecting to the present at this time in the world because of the figures and the underlying foundation optimism. It may also be musical because it has both drama and humor. &# 8221,

    Season 9 of Suits, which aired on September 25, 2019, came to an end with its finish. Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Rick Hoffman, Gina Torres, Abigail Spencer, Amanda Schull, and other actors appeared in the line.

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