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    Natural Culture: Jennifer Aniston Is” But Around”

    Jennifer Aniston is 'So Over' Cancel Culture
    ( FilmMagic, Axelle, Bauer, and Griffin)

    In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Aniston claimed that she is &# 8220, cancel culture, and # 8221, so she should be over and 8222, it.

    Aniston didn’t enjoy meeting Harvey Weinstein, # 8217.

    Aniston claimed that she and # 8220 had likely just been canceled by bringing up&# 8221, cancel culture, and / 8222. She questioned whether individuals deserved to be saved, though.

    Aniston remarked,” I’m so over natural culture.” ” I possibly just said that and got canceled.” Simply put, I don’t know what it means. Is there no atonement? I’m not sure. I don’t place everyone in the same box as Harvey Weinstein.

    Aniston claimed she has no fond memories of Weinstein when it came to the then notoriously disgraced maker. Otherwise, the actress claimed, people frequently avoided speaking with him.

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    You’re like,” God, I can’t wait to hang out with Harvey ,” he’s not a man. Not. Actually, you were like,” Oh, God, OK, suck it up ,” and # 8221, Aniston remarked. &# 8220, I do recall that he visited me to make a movie pitch. And I do recall intentionally letting someone stay in my truck. &# 8221,

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    Aniston &# 8217’s comments on cancel culture follow earlier this month when she was the subject of her own controversy. At the start of the month, the Friends actress used Instagram to denounce a article that Jamie Foxx had made that several users claimed was racist. Later, Foxx did express regret for the time being, blaming it on a mistake in his phraseology.

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