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    How Many People Watched Ahsoka Compared to Obi – Wan Kenobi?

    Ahsoka Viewership Numbers
    Funds: Disney Plus

    Now that the anticipated Disney Plus set premiered its second two episodes last week, the viewers figures for Ahsoka are suddenly being reported. How did Ahsoka suffer in terms of opinions? Was the outcome superior to or inferior to the Obi-Wan Kenobi line? What you need to know is here and# 8217.

    How many people tuned into Ahsoka?

    Over the course of Ahsoka’s second six days, 1.2 million households apparently participated.

    Amazon offers Ahsoka products for purchase.

    More than one million American households watched Ahsoka over the course of its live + 5 day, according to Samba TV. The outcome is comparable to what Andor accomplished when it debuted in September 2022. Andor previously won the hearts of the larger Star Wars visitors, despite receiving positive testimonials from the critics.

    The Mandalorian time 3, which reached 1.7M communities for its March debut, was the Star Wars series with the highest viewership this year. One of the most well-liked Star Wars products in recent years is probably the line created by Jon Favreau.

    Is Ahsoka on Disney Plus performing better than Obi-Wan Kenobi?

    Ahsoka is officially performing worse than Obi – Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus at the time of writing.

    When compared to the Obi – Wan Kenobi launch, the Ahsoka viewership figures are over by 50 %.

    The most recent Lucasfilm series was unable to match the outstanding 2.4M household rating achieved by the Obi-Wan Kenobi debut in May 2022. Fans were curious to learn more about the mythical Jedi learn, one of the most adored figures in Star Wars, in the years between the films A New Hope and Revenge on the Sith. In a similar vein, the Ahsoka line follows the mythical heroine’s journey after Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels.

    Disney Plus now offers Ahsoka downloading. Tuesdays are when new shows premiere.

    Check out the significance of that tribute paid to Ray Stevenson in episode 1 for more Ahsoka-related material. Additionally, here and # 8217 explain why and how many times Ahsoka perished in Star Wars.

    leaving Max September 2023

    In September 2023, what’s leaving Max?

    One of the best films to come out of Max in September 2023 is 300. Fans only have until September and Hellip’s finish.
    Max September 2023

    New TV and # 038, movie release dates for Max September 2023

    The Warner Bros. Max September 2023 plan includes a number of intriguing media items. channel that is owned by Discovery. Max is increasing its offer-and-hellip.
    Max Schedule August 28-September 3

    Max Plan: New Television & # 038, Movies Added, August 28- September 3.

    As part of the August 28 – September 3 schedule, Dark Winds’ first season will be available on Max. & hellip,
    Disney Plus Schedule August 28-September 3

    Disney Plus Plan: New TV & watts, Movies Added, August 28- September 3

    A new Ahsoka installment, new Kiya & amp episodes, the Kimoja & hellip, and more are included in the Disney Plus schedule for August 28 through September 3.
    Amazon Prime Video Schedule August 28-September 3

    New TV & # 038, Shows Being Added: Amazon Prime Video Schedule August 28- September 3

    The Wheel of Time has returned for a second season on Amazon Prime Video, which will debut on & hellip.
    Paramount Plus Schedule August 28-September 3

    Schedule for Paramount Plus August 28 through September 3: New TV & amp, Movies Added

    As part of the August 28 – September 3 schedule, some all-timers— including Schindler &# 8217, s List, Forrest Gump, and & hellip — are going to Paramount Plus.

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