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    How Many Shows in Year 1 of Mask Lady, and When Do New Ones Air?

    Mask Girl Season 1 How Many Episodes

    How many shows are there in Mask Lady Season 1 and when are they released? The very regarded K-Drama is based on a similar webcomics. It focuses on Kim Mo-mi, # 8220, a woman who has always desired attention but can only obtain it by achieving fame online. &# 8221, But after that, due to an unfortunate series of events, her life begins to spiral downward.

    Here &# 8217 lists the number of episodes in Season 1 of Mask Girl as well as the days when new ones are released.

    How some incidents does Season 1 of Mask Girl contain?

    There are 7 incidents in Season 1 of Mask Girl.

    The following is a list of episodes:

    • Show 1: Kim Mo-mi
    • Season 2 of Ju Oh Nam
    • Season 3: Kim Kyung-ja
    • Show 4: Kim Chun – ae
    • Event 5: Kim Mi – mo
    • Show 6: Kim Mo-mi
    • Event 7: Mi – mi and Mo

    While Kim Mo – mi takes center stage, each episode tells the stories of various figures in the line. However, as we get closer to a literal&# 8220, killer & # 8221, finale event, the stories of these characters come together. Then, it will be interesting to see if Mask Girl receives a second year after this one.

    Ko Hyun-jung, NANA, and Even Lee Han-byeol are among the actors in Mask Girl’s cast who play Kim Mo – mi. Yeom Hye-ran as Kim Kyung-ja, Ahn Jae ho as Ju Oh-nam, Kim Ga-hee as Yoo Sang-sun, Daniel Choi as Mr. Park, Park Jeong-hwa as Lee A-reum, and Han Ja-i-ae are additional participants.

    When will new shows of Mask Girl air?

    You can now enjoy every episode of Mask Girl Season 1. There aren’t any fresh shows.

    The series’ standard synopsis is as follows:

    ” An office worker who is self-conscious about her appearance transforms into a masked internet personality at night ,” until her life is overtaken by an unfortunate series of events.

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