Monday, September 25, 2023

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    On September 12, Sing With Your Foods will be available for PS5 and PS4.

    Hello, chefs of the PlayStation. Tj is serving up a sizable dish of information for Nour: Play With Your Food, an experimental game of food art. You may have seen this sport previously. We’re finally prepared to say that you will be able to sate your virtual food urges on September 12 when Nour launches on the PS5 and PS4. Maybe you caught a glimpse of some of our exotic noodles and dessert drink online or at an occasion. For the time being, we have a brief video that features Tobi Lou’s classic song.

    Nour: Play With Your Food is ready to serve PS5 & PS4 on September 12

    Even though I’ve been creating this game for years, I continue to learn new sights, noises, and concepts. The external charm of Nur is balanced by an internal technical level. This talk about the special recipes that Nour uses to make it so special.


    Restaurant tools come with all kinds of health warnings in the real world. Never in Nour, though! Cut, time, woman, and paint your food using a torch, tongue, salt shaker, etc. Make your ideal meal a reality by stacking various tools on the same piece of food.


    We’ve also taken a few creative rights with how you can enjoy with your meal because this isn’t the real world. Using Nour’s rituals, mix your chef and wizard hats( truly, that would look ill ). Create beautiful ice carvings, cooking constellations of food, or completely defy gravity. This kind of house is brand-new.

    Feel free to incorporate these various techniques to produce interactions that no restaurant has ever imagined. When you’re finished, make sure to grab the cameras device and take a picture of your work.

    It was a pleasure to create Nour because he is innovative and exotic. We set out to create a sport with no targets or goals other than to easily interact with the intricate digital representations of the delectable foods and snacks we eat every day. Now that we’re nearly finished, we hope you give Nour a try when it’s released on September 12 if you think that plan for the game sounds enjoyable.

    In the last game, even more surprise soup is to be revealed.

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