Monday, October 2, 2023

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    DLC for Drums Rock Undertale is currently available on PS VR2.

    A remarkable morning in Drums Rock! Drums Rock features one of the most well-known video game tunes, Undertale. We &# 8217, a special DLC with lots of surprises, features the best songs from Undertale.

    Many of you are comfortable with Undertale, one of the most well-known independent game with a top-notch soundtrack. Undertale is a role-playing sport where no one has to suffer any harm. a sport that brings back many memories of old Games. We &# 8217 have wanted to bring songs from one of our favorite games since our launch in Drums Rock in order to evoke certain emotions. Here it is, then!

    Drums Rock Undertale DLC available today on PS VR2

    Two of the most well-known music, Megalovania and Hopes And Dreams, can be played in the Undertale DLC with their unique sound and without any problems. We also wanted to do something special because it &# 8217 is the first DLC and is distinct from our subsequent releases. Therefore, in addition to the two songs, if you buy the entire DLC, you &# 8217 will also receive a brand-new scene and exclusive skins( hands, drum sticks, and drumset ), allowing you to immerse yourself completely in Undertale.

    Completely access to New Extreme Mode

    Undertale isn’t the only one to arrive, # 8217! The fresh Extreme method presents a fresh difficulty for all Drums Rock people. With this new challenge, press your mallets to the control and feeling like a real chair. All songs, including those from Undertale, will be playable in Extreme style.

    Along with the new completely Extreme style, Undertale DLC is then available as a separate purchase. This DLC, which will be released in the upcoming month, is the first in a line that will feature several well-known big-name artists.

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