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    Huge C – Smash VRS release adds co-op, Infinity mode, fresh levels, Unkle music, and more on September 14.

    We set our sights on the celebrities when we first began developing C-Shatter VRS a little more than an year before.

    We set out to create the ultimate VR sports game &# 8211, a reimagining of Sega’s arcade and console icon Cosmic Smash for VR, for solo and two players, with the help of VR pioneers Wolf and # 038, Wood, and an amazing team of artists, designers and musicians.

    Huge C-Smash VRS update brings co-op, style of eternity, new levels, music from Unkle and more September 14

    We’ve been successful, based on the opinions and the lovely support from the PlayStation VR2 area. However, we didn’t want to end it.

    With a complimentary upgrade, C-Still VRS is about to grow to nearly twice its original size. ( And as part of the Indies promotion on the PlayStation Store, the game is currently discounted. ) & nbsp,

    Here is a look at some of the most significant September 14 activity improvements.

    style of eternity

    a brand-new furious method for Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, and exercise enthusiasts. Although Infinity expects you to move, you can also play while seated by using the squat button and the analog stay for lateral movement. The objective of this mode is to move as far as you can without losing the prevents behind you. To do this, you must crush or evade the approaching blocks while keeping the ball in play.


    Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a friend, it is a 2P version of style of eternity, with blocks coming towards the two players and only the one ball between them. Players must work together to remove blocks and keep the ball in play as the oncoming blocks close in. Available as Quickplay or when inviting a friend to a Session.


    In C – Smash VRS, people can frequently be seen dancing and waving with one another while wearing their full-body characters. We want to strengthen the bonds among our virtual society. Your racket will be illuminated by our cutting-edge emotion method to transmit straightforward calling and actions like” applaud.” available in Co – par and VS.

    Bot vs. AI

    Sing in 1P or while you wait for 2P matches against an AI player. Accessible across Head-to-Head, Firewall, and Quickshot settings in 3 problems( Easy, Medium, Hard ). The Bot has its own traits and personality and will exult when it wins a game, even though it isn’t an &# 8216, real &% 8217 player. Also a much friendlier AI face.

    A few New Levels + Level Pick

    Journey now has 140 levels, away from 100 at release, thanks to the addition of 36 brand-new phases. Whether you simply want to explore new stages, exercise your best strategy, or achieve an A-rank on a particular stage, you will also be able to perform each phase on demand.

    New Construction

    In Journey style, Multiball and Portal are two brand-new stop forms. Multiball releases numerous balls into the market for a panic of prevent shattering, much like its arcade and console ancestor. Portal gives C – Smash VRS a whole new aspect. Make sure you and # 8217 are in position for the return as you watch the ball enter one block and exit another. Portals are a good tool for effectively resolving some day – and space-bending puzzles.

    Instant Share and Replay capabilities

    Your ultimate shot will be displayed from a serious third-person camera view at the conclusion of each 1P stage. Right from your PlayStation 5, keep or share Instant Replay videos to your connected social media accounts. We are interested in watching the crazy goes and pranks you pull.

    Restoration of Unkle

    With their” Reconstruction” of Ken Ishii’s original song” Antimatter ,” British electronic music legends Unkle have added to our acclaimed soundtrack. Enjoy a particularly difficult innovative practice stage with Unkle’s first track for C-Shaped VRS while we have some great plans for the upcoming update.

    Player of song

    To celebrate our expanding soundtrack, we are adding a Player of song. ‘Now Playing’, ‘Track’ and ‘Artist’ are available from the main menu, with the ability to see the upcoming playlist and jump to tracks from the current mix.

    UI Statistics

    We now show specific personal statistics like the number of VS matches played, the percentage of wins / losses, most played mode, and No. of completed expeditions, etc. Depending on how you like to sing, our UI can show you more or less information, including full numbers to improve your game or just the necessary information if you prefer things to be more straightforward. #& nbsp,

    enhanced mechanics

    Power Smashes then have looser cloaking, making it more difficult to determine in VS fits but simpler in Journey to slope past blockers.

    The sport is now discounted on the PlayStation Store in the Indies advertising, with the present valid through September 14, so two days seems like a lengthy wait. C – Smash VRS will revert to its full price and # 8211 as soon as it is finished, but everyone will receive this significant update for free.

    I’ll see you in outer room, spacecraft.

    By PlayStation Official blog (blog.playstation.com)

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