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    Electronic items and PlayStation Stars efforts for September 2023

    Members of the PlayStation Stars, congratulations! September brings with it a new wave of promotions and items. Prepare to overcome fresh obstacles, receive rewards, and increase the number of digital collectibles you can add to your display case. For more, keep in touch with the PlayStation App throughout the quarter. In addition, & nbsp,

    Let’s get started with some of the offerings that are available right away, # 8217.

    You: Wireless Keyboard, PlayStation, and # 038,

    applicable on September 1

    Attention, past owners of the PS3 wireless keyboard! Your gaming journey deserves a nod of appreciation. Activate the You: Wireless Keyboard, PlayStation, and # 038, Campaign and unlock an exclusive digital collectible – the classic PS3 wireless keyboard.

    Start the campaign right away, and this vintage item will be added to your collection of digital items.

    Must-play PlayStation Plus Game Catalog this Month

    accessible on September 5 & nbsp,

    The PlayStation Plus Game Catalog contains hundreds of games for individuals who are Extra, Premium, or Deluxe. We’re highlighting regular pearls to play because the catalog is regularly updated. You will receive 50 points for each game you play during this battle. & nbsp,

    Experience some of the Best Knocks from Japan this month. To make 50 points, play any one of these well-known Chinese games listed below. & nbsp,

    • Soldiers 9 Kingdom
    • erroneous judgment
    • 5 Devil May Cry
    • Stranding Suicide
    • Tokyo Ghostwire

    Strategy for PlayStation Plus Monthly Games

    accessible September 5

    Fresh monthly games for PlayStation Plus this month. Members of PlayStation Plus does receive 50 points by playing any game from the September Monthly series during this promotion. View the games’ announcements around. & nbsp,

    Plan for the Hard Game Membership: Destroy the Spire

    accessible on September 7

    It’s time to defeat Slay the Spire and win the Shapes &# 8221 trophy, and # 8217. If you succeed in doing this, the special Hard Game Club Balloon modern collector will be yours.

    Your reward is waiting for those who already possess the # 8220, Shapes # 8221, trophy. Start the campaign, execute any PS4 or PS5 game, and you’ll have access to the Hard Game Club Balloon.

    Club for Hard Game: Cuphead

    Next opportunity: Up until October 14th, a Hard Game Club Cuphead plan is available on the PS App if you haven’t already seen it. To get the Cuphead Hard Game Club online collector, make the” A Day at the Fair” prize. & nbsp,

    Start the campaign, execute any PS4 or PS5 activity, and this Hard Game Club Balloon is yours if you’ve already won this prize.

    Use your PlayStation Stars points to access games.

    Your PlayStation Stars points, as a reminder, can be used to purchase tickets to many fantastic activities and more. Discover a variety of games that you can currently redeem your points for by going to the” PlayStation Store benefits” part of your PlayStation Stars Rewards Catalog. Here are a few illustrations of the activities that are available:

    Leave the Gungeon & nbsp,




    No yet a part of PlayStation Stars? Visit here and learn more about PlayStation Stars. & nbsp,

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