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    Fresh psychedelic Ultros game reveals the growth loop and boss.

    Welcome, visitors. I’m Mrten, the sport style director at the Swedish collective Hadoque. I oversaw the game’s style and contributed to its core concept. For the past few years, We &# 8217 and # 8211 have been working on Ultros, our first game together. Today, we’re excited to show you the main gameplay and a new boss.

    Ultros is a spiritual and poetic experience where you battle dangerous room insects and plant seeds to make an mysterious garden, as we mentioned earlier this year at the PlayStation Showcase. Ouji, our main character, awakens stranded in place on an infested sarcophagus. She has no recollection of who she is or how she got around. However, the world seems to be familiar to her and# 8211, as if she has a link to it in some way. Obviously, this is when you begin to investigate the sarcophagus’s depths.

    Multitasking is essential to this investigation. Ouji you develop speed to produce a natural-feeling flow of movement because of his agility and quickness. To uncover hidden areas, you’ll need to complete your fair share of climbing, trekking, climbing, and breaking floors.

    New psychedelic Ultros gameplay reveals boss and progression loop

    Disclosing the Ultros play structure

    Soon after starting your adventure, you’ll come across insect-like foreigners that are typically very territorial and can become frustrated if you get too near. They are all a part of the show’s mysterious habitat, which you will join as you advance. Some of the Puppaluppas, the weaker enemies, are the first ones we see in the game first-look trailer. They lose body parts or various organs when you use your sword to kill them. The more range in my problems, the better the thing parts, according to Ultros’ reward system for dispatching enemies with elegance. As you gather these, you’ll provide a more thorough evaluation view of the components, along with some information about the creature’s past. Finally, you can eat these components to raise your protein levels.

    Gärdner, a amiable, whimsical character who teaches us about some of the game’s farming concepts, is also revealed in our game. As you might infer from his title. These plants typically bear some sort of fruits. In the game, there are numerous varieties of grains to locate and grow. You can also eat apples to improve your health and nutrition. It’s important to keep an eye on this detail because there is a method for finding the meals with the right nutrition you need. Unique animal parts and fruits have different health benefits.

    Depending on your health needs and what you eat, you can access fresh abilities on a skill tree( or cortex, as we like to call it ) once you’ve reached your rest point. This is applied to PomPoms, a different army species. They may have defenses that a charged invasion is required to breach. It feels almost very pleasant to balance smaller enemies into the atmosphere or additional enemies after a combo.

    In the second half of the game, Ouji gathers The Extractor. On this space station, the Shamans used this device in their ceremony. Therefore, it’s crucial to the principal storyline of the sport. However, it also offers some refreshing power-ups. We get a triple jump with this first single. Qualia, a strange number you’ll learn more about when you play the game, is another significant figure we come across. She does, however, have some connection to and impact on the game’s habitat.

    This prompts us to pursue Qualia into the new director conflict that we’re revealing now. It’s a massive, horrifying, worm-like thing. The secret, like for the majority of leaders in the game, is to learn attack styles, identify their weak points, and respond appropriately when necessary.

    Following this, Ouji murders a Shaman inside he is trapped in, allowing him to get some more Shamen to shatter the world’s impenetrable seal. The primary goal of the game will now be to find these Shamans. Ultros, a devilish being, is awakened by this disturbance, successfully resuming the circle of Ouji’s journey as she awakes in the same familiar setting. This will be the main puzzle to solve throughout the game, and# 8211, in order to figure out how to break the cycle, you must look in various directions.

    We hoped you liked this fresh perspective on the sport. Ultros, which is currently on page, will be available for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2024.

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