Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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    The Serial Killer Thriller Movie’s Vindicta Trailer and Poster Have Been Revealed.

    Vindicta trailer and poster reveal
    Credit: Paramount

    Before the serial killer thriller’s musical and electronic release second month, Paramount has released the recognized Vindicta trailer and banner.

    The film depicts a young nurse( Elena Kampouris) stumbling into the perilous world of an evil serial killer while donning an indestructible face. The Vindicta video demonstrates just how dire the circumstance is.

    Banner and truck for Vindicta

    Sean McNamara is the director of Vindicta, which is based on a Steven Paul account. The story is summarized as follows.

    A skilled detective and a recently hired paramedic are forced into the bloody game of vengeance when the city is terrorized by an evil serial killer, only to learn that the solution to stopping the carnage lies in revealing the truth of their own tormented pasts. Elena Kampouris( Children of the Corn ), Sean Astin( The Lord of Rings franchise ), and Jeremy Piven( Entourage ) are the stars of this edge-of-your-seat thriller from On a Wing and A Prayer director.

    The Vindicta truck was accompanied by the standard poster. You may enjoy what’s below with your vision.

    Credit: Paramount

    Beginning on October 6, 2023, Vindicta will be available in select venues and on online.

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