Thursday, September 28, 2023

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    The second rugby game on the PS VR2 is called Tennis On-Cour.

    To all sports and VR enthusiasts, here is why you will enjoy playing Tennis On-Cour and # 8211, which will be available on PS VR2 on October 20, whether you are a total newcomer or an experienced player.

    2v2 is also preferable.

    Playing 1v1 is enjoyable enough, but when you share the highlights of a 4-player game, the behavior is multiplied twofold.

    Get your stick and invite your friends or other people from around the globe to play doubles with you. It &# 8217 is the ideal time to execute your best passing shots, smashes, and volleys.

    Audience setting

    Perhaps you’re watching a crucial match with your friends or would like to evaluate the performance of one of your upcoming opponents.

    Audience setting is for you. At any time, you can view the list of live matches and join them with a simple click. You’re teleported into the stadium like a real spectator in the real world.

    Dynamic Supports

    We considered how virtual reality could advance players in a way other than through scientific learning from the beginning of development. Depending on their feeling or level, we set up a number of assists that the gamer can stimulate or cancel.

    We can, for instance, calculate the ideal height for striking a service &# 8230 by knowing your height thanks to the headset tracking.

    … or the appropriate moment to start your strokes at a point. In order to consistently learn the proper rhythm for powerful strokes.

    Both music and position on the court are crucial. We assist you in adjusting your position on the court in relation to the ball’s trajectory (# 8217 ).

    We &# 8217 has introduced a ball trajectory correction feature that, when activated, will correct your ball trajectories to bring them into the court because tennis can be grating when two people of very different skill levels are playing together. Both players can enjoy the sport and close the gap between them in this manner.


    Without science that are as close to fact as possible, a sports sport is also constrained. Because of this, the game depends heavily on our science model. To create a healthy experience, we collaborated with best tennis players to develop this aspect of the game. The staff is aware that playing with various effects, such as the loaf, dropshot, lift, etc., is essential for an enthusiast.

    However, we don’t want to be a one-off activity. No matter their level of skill, every volleyball fan should be able to take pleasure in the game. In order to achieve this, a second plaza play mode is available, with effects and trajectories that are accurate but adjusted to remain on the court. Players can put their attention on the game’s joy and disregard the movements’ requirements.

    We &# 8217 are working hard to provide everyone with a fun and enjoyable tennis on-court experience. When Tennis On – Court makes its way to PS VR2 on October 20, feel free to list the game if you want to enjoy it by yourself or with friends.

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