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    Break From the AMPTP to Deal a New Offer: WGA Suggests Productions

    Striking Writers Guild of America (WGA) members
    ( AFP via Getty Images; photo by CHRIS DELMAS )

    The union &# 8217’s leaders are suggesting that the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers ( AMPTP ) studio member companies break away from the group and engage in private negotiations in the midst of the ongoing Writers Guild of America ( WGA ) strike.

    We have heard both the desire and willingness to negotiate an agreement that adequately addresses writers’ issues during individual conversations with legacy studio executives in the weeks since SAG-AFTRA went on strike.# 8221, the WGA &# 8216, negotiating committee wrote in an email to members, which was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. &# 8220 One executive claimed to have reviewed our proposals and, despite not committing to a specific deal, that they understood they would need to give more than usual to wrap up this negotiation. Another claimed they desperately needed a bargain. The same professionals, along with others, have stated that they are willing to negotiate on ideas that the AMPTP has made available to the public as deal-breakers. At least one reputation studio executive has confirmed that they can support us on each and every request we have made. &# 8221,

    To negotiate through the AMPTP, there is &# 8216, no requirement, and # 8217.

    While the AMPTP structure’s intolerance is impeding development, these behind-the-scenes conversations show there is a good deal that addresses our issues. The email continues, &# 8220. Their unique studio interest in making a bargain is not surprising given the significant economic impact of the attacks on the tradition companies. We have made it clear that we will discuss to set up the new WGA deal with one or more of the big studios outside the AMPTP, Warner Bros. confirmed this in a common financial filing only this year. There is no need that the businesses engage in AMPTP negotiations. Therefore, probably Wall Street will eventually force them to do it if the financial collapse of their own businesses isn’t enough to inspire a workshop or two or three to seize control of the AMPTP or abandon the flawed design. &# 8221,

    In the interim, the WGA issues a warning that the businesses and AMPTP will work to sow doubt and domestic union dissension until there is an improvement. Maintain your alertness. The companies know the truth: they must deal if they want to put an end to the hit. Therefore, when they send messages through surrogates or the media about the disingenuousness of your order leadership, get those messages as part of a bad-faith effort to influence negotiations rather than as the objective truth. They may try to hide it and# 8212, they may not like it, but they are aware of it. &# 8221,

    The second quarter of the 2023 WGA affect has begun.

    After breaking away from the AMPTP, which represents all the big Hollywood productions, contract negotiations, the WGA West and WestGA East went on strike on May 2. Four months and six days later, the AMPTP still hasn’t complied with the WGA &# 8217’s requirements, which call for rooms, larger writers, better residuals from streaming content, and protections against the use of artificial intelligence.

    The Screen Actors Guild ( SAG – AFTRA ) joined the WGA on the picket line on July 14 after voting to strike against the AMPTP as well. The stars are looking for better residuals and Intelligence protections, just like the writers, as well as more control over self-tape auditions. SAG-AFTRA has been on strike for one calendar month, three months, and four times as of this writing.

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