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    Folly Preview: A Jovial( Rogers ) Adventure by Bilkins &# 039

    Bilkins' Folly Pirate Adventure Puzzle Game

    PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Computers are the platforms.
    Publisher: Armor Games Studios
    Developer: Webbysoft
    Release: 2023

    When publication Armor Games Studios and designer Webbysoft announced earlier this year that the PC-only game would now be available on PlayStation and Switch as well, Bilkins’ Folly appeared on my radar, er, sea charts. After seeing the unit statement trailer, I knew I had to play the game because it featured pirates, fun and whimsical image art, and old-school adventure gameplay. It’s been decades since that declaration, but I’ve finally played a few hours of Bilkins’ Folly, and that little taste suggests that when the game is released on October 2 of next month, there will be some fun.

    I won’t go into specifics because my time with Bilkins ‘ Folly begins time into the game’s plot. However, I am in charge of Percy, a temporary rogue, and his puppy partner, Drayton, who not only enjoys having pets but also aids me in discovering hidden treasures and other things.

    Bilkins' Folly Pirate Adventure Puzzle Game

    Drayton would frequently bark at something on the ground, and after using a screwdriver there, I would discover something there that Percy would describe as little he had never seen before. I appreciate Drayton playing the part of Percy’s companion because having someone else keep an eye out for hidden treasure is good. In this trailer, Drayton explores the surroundings just as much as I do, barking with enthusiasm as we pass by an island called Remy’s Loot. Given how frequently important companions are in rogue narratives, it’s a nice touch that gives Drayton the feel of being more than just an structural component of gameplay. I’m looking forward to spending more time with him.

    I learn more about what Drayton can do with a rack of orders the more I play. He can push heavy objects, bring items and carry them for you, and” sit ,” which I can see being used deftly for puzzles. Some of the commands I didn’t access, like” Howlin’ Dog ,” which instructs Drayton to cry at the moon, are secured on a page dedicated to learning how to do so.


    On Remy’s Loot, I speak to director Mila, which highlights Webbysofts’ voice performance as Bilkins’ Folly characters speak in a manner that is reminiscent of The Sims from EA. It’s a lovely addition that gives dynamism to an adventure game that is text-heavy, which I like. Mila occupies a temporary king, but the community around him is populated by twelve other pirates. Even as they vomit, the majority are inebriated and holding alcohol containers in each hand. Some are lying on their backs in the dust or leaning against local huts.

    I’m searching for Bron, who is in deportation after destroying the region’s drinking offer. Luckily, Mila gives her approval for me to speak with Bron, but before I do, I fix the still he destroyed by completing a Tetris-style issue in which I insert specific pieces into holes to patch up an opening. I then use a chart to travel to the tiny beach where Bron is banished. Starting at” X ,” the map shows Bron’s exact directions: down 13, right 6, down 6, left 5, down 10, and left 8. At first, I’m perplexed by this map. I try to follow its way, but since it’s over waters, Percy falls in a few times, and I realize that this isn’t the best course of action. But after that, I find a king and can use it to guide me in the right direction. I enjoy using this rule on the image because it is obvious that solving puzzles requires using Percy’s extensive toolkit.


    I use charts to find treasure somewhere during my time with Bilkins’ Folly, but not before solving a few other intriguing puzzles. I enjoy the variety of puzzles in this hands-on trailer, and I hope it will be even more compelling when it is released in its entirety. They make reference to the fact that everything in Bilkins’ Folly is handcrafted. Given that Bilkins’ Folly is also about thieves, I’d be remiss not to mention the Monkey Island line, but it does feature the resources, tools, and range of something more contemporary. It’s a love letter to the old adventure sports.

    Bilkins’ Folly has so far been made by Webbysoft to be more than just a point-and-click game thanks to its fun rogue world, fantastic pixel art, some exciting characters( not to mention an awesome dog ), and engaging mechanics. Although I enjoy a good pirate story and am eager to learn more about Percy’s tale, Bilkins’ Folly automatically makes me optimistic that the full release will be an adventure worth exploring.

    On October 2, Bilkins’ Folly will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.


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