Thursday, September 28, 2023

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    In the dramatic sci-fi multiplayer game Mannequin, which will be released for PS VR2 in 2024, you can enjoy as an alien or an agent.

    Greetings, PlayStation Nation! My name is James Hunt, and I’m the Game Director for Fast Travel Games. My PS VR2 activity, Mannequin, is coming out in 2024. Mannequin will be our first-ever in-house multiplayer game, allowing up to 5 people to enjoy suspense, social deduction, and quick, sudden action. You may be familiar with the Fast Travel team from our extensive history of single-player VR experience like Cities: VR and the upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade &# 8211, Justice.

    Let me go over everything.

    Play as aliens or agents in suspenseful sci-fi multiplayer title Mannequin, coming to PS VR2 in 2024

    frozen in time

    The world is in shock over the appearance of extraterrestrial life in Mannequin, our first original IP since 2019 and # 8217, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets. The first responders called to these locations have turned into motionless, helpless statues as sites all over the world have suddenly started freezing in time.

    Additionally, a culture of mysterious people known to you and I as Mannequins has been found at these places. They have potentially life-threatening abilities, so it’s up to a group of special agents to track them down before they become victims of the Mannequin &# 8217, s powers.

    The next scene is a strained game of cat and mouse.

    Struggle to a halt

    Three players take on the role of the mythical aliens in a typical Mannequin suit, competing against two Agents. Mannequins, you and # 8217 will be able to freeze yourself and then assume a pose, resembling one of the trapped first responders. You can use this ability to set up the ideal ambuscade, waiting for Agents to show up before scurrying forth and freezing them in position with a touch of the hands.

    Brokers, however, are not helpless. They can scan levels for a Mannequin &# 8217, s rough location, thanks to cutting-edge technology. You’ll need to use your light pistol to shoot the enemy in the act or determine which statue is a covert enemy. The first team to defeat the opposition prevails, but Mannequin becomes a game of extreme method and shifting favors due to additional twists.

    The competition has begun.

    Power Stations are present in each level of the game and # 8217, and they can be continuously drained by mannequins. The team may gain new abilities, such as the ability to pinpoint your enemy’s location, by draining two Power Stations. Power Stations are high-risk areas that agents are likely to stay under close observation, despite the fact that this can quickly change the course of a game. Make sure you’re not falling into a trap, # 8217.

    Officials are defending these Power Stations for yet another reason. The human team will receive the upgrades if Mannequins haven’t&# 8217 claimed them within three minutes of a game’s start. Any defeated supporters may be revived by either side, but this also presents the ideal setting for a lethal trap.

    Because of this, every Mannequin game is a anxious, strong, and strong exercise in hide-and-seek. May the Dolls trick the Agents into believing they are friendly and then attack when it’s appropriate? Or will an Agent &# 8217’s cunning and use of technology help them succeed?


    We at Fast Travel are aware that without the assistance of our great community, it is impossible to create the best online games. We’re interested in your thoughts on today’s reveal and what you hope to see in the complete sport when it debuts in 2024. Immediately, we’ll have more to reveal, including the initial play video.

    We firmly believe that Mannequin will be the PS VR2’s premier online game, but that can only be accomplished with your assistance. Ask yourself and # 8211, who can you trust, until the next time.

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