Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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    The global rollout of the PS5 update includes improvements to cultural, music, and accessibility features.

    Now we’re happy to release an all-new PS5 system software upgrade worldwide as the holiday time and a new wave of interesting game releases draw near. This release adds a number of functions from the most recent PS5 alpha, including:

    • fresh convenience features, like the ability to use a next DualSense control for help
    • Fresh music possibilities that make it possible to enjoy 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3d AudioTech on HDMI devices that are compatible with Dolby Atmos.
    • innovative methods for interacting with other players and modifying your online classes
    • larger-capacity M. 2 SSD support( up to 8TB )

    Along with some fresh improvements to the PS App in the upcoming weeks, we’re even introducing new features like aid for PS Remote Play on more Android devices.

    Here are the main points:

    just unveiled features

    Additional Android equipment support PS Remote Play.

    • You can stream activities from your PS5 or PS4 system to a different device using PS Remote Play, such as cellphones, capsules( iOS and Android ), computers, Macs, or your home system. As a result, you have more possibilities for playing your preferred game even when you’re not in the living room. * *
    • The PS Remote Play application will be accessible on equipment running Android TV OS 12 as of today. ** **
    • Here are the tools that have been verified so much:
      • Google TV( 4K model ) and Chromecast
      • Model BRAVIA XR A95L
    • Research for the PS Remote Play game on your Android system to download and install it in order to use it on these products. & nbsp,
    • Attend PlayStation.com to find out more about PS Remote Play.

    New Voice Command options ( limited release in the U.S. and K.K. )

    • The message control system has been enhanced.
      • Say” Hey PlayStation, help” to turn on the Help feature. You can now use Voice Command to understand between support content pages.
      • Say,” Hey PlayStation, what’s new ?” and “# 8220” &# 8221, as well as the most recent PlayStation Plus monthly game selection, are now available.
    • Note: PS5 players with US and UK accounts can currently use Voice Command ( Preview ) in English.

    Fresh improvements to the PS App

    We &# 8217 will also gradually roll out some new features for the PS App on iOS and Android later this month. You &# 8217 will be able to respond to messages with emojis and view a preview of someone’s Share Screen before joining the party on PS App, just like the PS5 console updates.

    Image of PlayStation App showing Share Screen Preview

    Now, PS5 Beta features are being released worldwide.

    The international launch will also include previously announced characteristics that were a part of the alpha.

    innovative features for availability

      For help, apply a second control. As an aid control, you can now apply two controllers to perform your PS5 console as though they were one joystick. With the help of this feature, you can now play games with others or assist a colleague or child who is having trouble navigating an especially difficult part of the game.

      • Use an assist controller by going to[ Settings ] > [ Accessibility ] >> Controllers >> Use Second Controller for Assistance ], and then turning on[ Use Assist Controller ] to use one.
      • You can use an assist controller if your primary controller is a third-party controller that supports the PS5 or the DualSense / DualSense Edge wireless controller. ***
    PS5 UI screenshot showing accessibility options

      System UI Feedback Haptic. Now, when using your PS5 with a DualSense controller — DualSense Edge controller, or PS VR2 Sense Controller— you have the choice to enable haptic feedback effects.

      • When enabled, program sound effects for specific events will also be literally reflected through haptics, such as moving target, scrolling to the conclusion of a area, checking the box, receiving notifications, and starting games. For players with some degree of eyesight or hearing impairment who value the extra comments on their inputs, this extra feature improves absorption and is especially helpful.
      • Go to[ Settings ] > [ Accessibility ] = [ Controllers ], then turn on[ Haptic Feedback During Console Navigation ] to activate this feature.

    Support for audio equipment with Dolby Atmos compatibility

    • Those who have HDMI products that are compatible with Dolby Atmos, quite as soundbars, TVs or home theater systems, can now use Tempest 3D AudioTech. Even more immersion in the audioscapes of PS5 games is made possible by Tempest 3D AudioTech’s special rendering to the Dolby Atmos audio device in use and # 8211, including overhead channels. **** ***
      • To activate Dolby Atmos, click [ Settings ] > [ Sound ] | [ Audio Format( Priority )]] and then choose [ Dilby Tomos ] from the drop-down menu.
    PS5 UI screenshot showing audio output options

    modifications to social features

      UI Party upgrade. A person can now be invited to a private party without having to join the group or start one from scratch. People can now take open or closed party invitations to parties rather than just one player at a time.
    PS5 UI screenshot showing an invitation to a party

      Promote a preview of the screen. Even before you arrive at the party, you will see a preview of someone’s Share Screen when they are sharing it with someone you can visit.
    PS5 UI screenshot showing a preview of Share Screen

      Add friends’ game sessions with ease. Now it’s simple to see which of your friends are participating in an activity you can join by clicking the[ Friends ] tab.

      • Then to friends who are playing a sport you can add, the Joinable logo will be visible.
      • By clicking the options button and choosing” Join Game” or by clicking” JOIN” on their page card, you can immediately add a sister’s game.
      Tile for Game Hub competitions. You can now view your competition entries, the highest position you’ve attained, and the start time for the following competition in the game gateway. To view the complete event list, choose the stone.
    PS5 UI screenshot showing the tournaments tile on MLB The Show 23 Game Hub

      reply to emails using symbols. Emojis can now be used to include responses to emails, which speeds up and simplifies communication with friends.
    PS5 UI screenshot of the message screen with emoji reaction options

    capabilities for ease of use

      In your libraries, look for games. Within your sport collection, you can now conduct a game search.
    PS5 UI screenshot showing search results for “Astro” in game library

      Game Improvements The Game Help tickets have been enhanced. *****

      • In addition to ongoing routines, you can now view routines that are currently available, have been available in the past, are upcoming, and are finished.
      • It is now easier to find objectives and their corresponding clues when a bill is selected because its details are now shown on the proper side of the cards.
    PS5 UI screenshot of Game Help card showing additional details of the activity

      Learn about new capabilities. Learn about new attributes in the fresh Discover Tips area and search helpful tips for getting the most out of your PS5.

      • To view all the tips, go to[ Settings ] > [ Guide &# 038, Tips, Health /# 038, Safety, and Other Information ]>> Guide and Tips ], and then choose [ Discover Tips ] from the drop-down menu.
    PS5 UI screenshot of Discover Tips section in the settings menu

      PS5 muted sound tone The PS5 and # 8217’s volume can now be muted or changed to make the s beep sound when turning it on or off or placing it in rest mode.

      • Visit [ Settings ] [ System ] | [ Beep Sound ]
      • Select[ Volume ] to change the beep sound volume.
      • Turn on[ Mute Beep Sound ] to muffle the beep sound.

    Support for M. 2 SSDs with larger capacities

    • To increase storage area on your PS5 system, you can now apply an M. 2 SSD with a maximum storage capacity of 8TB( up from the previous 4TB power ).
        Important: The specifications listed on this site must be met by M. 2 SSDs. Before buying any Grand. 2 Drives for use with your PS5, please thoroughly examine the website linked below.

    We are sincerely appreciative of our society for consistently giving us insightful feedback. Let us know what updates you’re looking forward to, # 8217!

    * To use Remote Play, you must have at least 5 Mbps of broadband internet Wi-Fi. A high-speed network of at least 15Mbps is advised for a better playing experience. Depending on your system setting, the quality and connection of your perform experience may differ. PS Remote Play is not compatible with titles that call for a VR headset( PlayStation VR or PlayStation VR2 ) or additional peripherals( apart from DUALSHOCK 4, DualSense, or DoubleSense Edge wireless controller ).
    **While the PS Remote Play app will be downloadable on devices running Android TV OS12,performance may vary depending on the device being used. We recommend setting your TV or monitor to low latency game mode. Depending on the signal conditions of Android TV built-in televisions or Chromecast with Google TV, you might experience input lag when using your wireless controller.
    It is not permitted to use a DualSense Edge mobile control as an aid controller. When the controller is being used as an aid controller, some DualSense features, like the motion sensor, sensory feedback, and responsive triggers, will be turned off immediately.
    **** Media app developers may update their PS5 programs to help Dolby Atmos audio, giving consumers a potential opportunity to enjoy engaging audio in movies, TV shows, and other media.
    To apply Game Help, you must have a PlayStation Plus membership.

    By PlayStation Official blog (blog.playstation.com)

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