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    Come To Move In Another Script: Memory in Trace Memory And Its Wii Sequel That Not Hit The States

    Another Code: Recollection January Release Date Nintendo Switch Gameplay

    A Nintendo DS game called Another Code: Two Memories, also known as Trace Memory in North America, first appeared on the portable system in 2005. Another Code: R – Journey Into Lost Memories, the game’s follow-up, debuted on the Wii in 2009 but was never released in North America. When Another Code: Memory arrives on Switch in January, people can now play both games. & nbsp,

    Trace Memory and Another Script: R will be available on Switch on January 19, 2024, and they are enhanced collections. Nintendo unveiled this game lineup today at Nintendo Direct with a new video that features enhanced visuals and pulls back the curtain on protagonist Ashley, who is searching for her father on the distant Blood Edward Island. & nbsp,

    For yourself, watch the Another Code: Recollection reveal trailer below: & nbsp,

    A series of enigmas and views from the past are set off, sending Ashley to Blood Edward Island, after she receives a notice from her father, whom she believes to be useless. Ashley may look into her environment while resolving puzzles to learn the truth there. Ashley’s story is completed by another Code: Roentgen. Two years after the events of Trace Memory, she travels to Lake Juliet in it to learn the secret information about her family. & nbsp,

    According to Nintendo’s explanation of the game,” this collection includes entirely enhanced versions of both classic games, featuring overhauled visuals, completely explorable environments, fresh voice acting, puzzles and music, and more.” To assist players who are new to experience games, additional hint and transportation systems have been added.

    On January 19, 2024, Another Code: Recollection will be available on Switch for$ 59.99. & nbsp,

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