Thursday, September 28, 2023

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    This February, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth hits the PS5.

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth February Release Date PlayStation 5

    On February 29, 2024, PlayStation 5 does release Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the follow-up to the 2020 version of the game. This comes in the wake of Square Enix’s announcement that Rebirth will need two plates and start in” first 2024″ at Summer Game Fest in June.

    During tomorrow’s State of Play, Square Enix and PlayStation unveiled a brand-new, wide truck in addition to the news of the release date for Rebirth. We get our first glimpses of figures like Cait Sith, Vincent Valentine, and others in it. Additionally, we get to see The Gold Saucer, some entertaining PS1 minigames with visuals reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII, as well as more of the show’s open-world inquiry, which includes vehicles, onboarding, and ridable chocobos.

    For yourself, watch the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launch date truck above:

    Screenshots from tomorrow’s video are provided below:


    Producer Yoshinori Kitase, producer Naoki Hamaguchi, and artistic director Tetsuya Nomura all posted a message on Twitter celebrating yesterday’s news after the launch of this new truck. Each has been posted below:

    Producer Yoshinori Kitase

    Director Naoki Hamaguchi

    Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura

    A particular Collector’s Edition of Rebirth was also revealed at the conclusion of the video today:

    Check out the show trailer from last year for more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and then learn about how the whole project will be a three-game series. Test out this Rebirth video from earlier this summer after reading about how the show’s co-director, Motuma Toriyama, claims you don’t need to perform Final Fantasy VII Remake to enjoy it after that.

    Are you anticipating Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? In the feedback section above, let us know!

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