Thursday, September 28, 2023

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    Share of the Week: Classic Personality in Baldur’s Wall 3

    We asked you to share your favorite Baldur’s Gate 3 hero using # PSshare # PSBlog last week. The heroic illithid highlights for this week are as follows: & nbsp,

    Rhogar, their dark Dragonborn, is shared by Tromnic102.

    Prodigy, their tiefling rascal criminal, is shared by PDoomedParadise.

    With their recent team, Shadowheart, Astarion, and Lae’zel, Erdturo shares their individual nature.

    A female elves with clean skin and dark marks around her eyes is featured on JLunarTraveller.

    Althea, their Druid character, is shared by Amianan_ NiRaGuB.

    Willow, their Wood angel character, is shared by sirevanztheduke. & nbsp,

    To see more entries to this week’s theme, search # PSshare @ PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram. Do you want to appear in the upcoming Share of the Week? & nbsp,

    THEME: Companions Baldur’s Gate 3 & # 8211
    Post BY: September 20, 2023, 11: 59 P PT

    The focus shifts to Baldur’s Gate 3 colleagues the following year. For a chance to be featured, share your preferred companion using # PSshare # PPSBlog.

    By PlayStation Official blog (

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