Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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    Stomach Display:” Lies Of Phosphorus Is More Than A Bloodborne Clone”

    lies of p

    The crew of & nbsp, The Game Informer Show, breaks down our Lies of P review and talks about why the game is much more than just a Bloodborne clone in this week’s episode. Blake then discusses why he enjoys Armored Core VI as well as why our include story’s hesitations still hold true. Finally, we discuss Fortnite and Nour: Play With Your Food, two activities that continue to make us happy.

    Here is the audio to view:

    & nbsp, Alex Van Aken (@ itsVanAken ), Kyle Hilliard( at KyleMHilliard ), Blake Hester( as @ MetallicaIsRad ), Wesley LeBlanc( also known as WeSlenaWes ), and others follow us on social media.

    Weekly gaming podcast The Game Informer Show & nbsp discusses the most recent developments in video game news, business, exclusive reveals, and reviews. Every Thursday at nbsp, Alex Van Aken, the number, and other members of the industry can join us to discuss your favorite video game, both past and present, with Game Informer, team members, developers, special guests. Listen to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your preferred podcast app on & nbsp.

    This event was edited by Matt Storm, the independent music director for The Game Informer Show. Matt is a seasoned radio host and producer who has been speaking into microphones for more than ten years. You should check out Matt’s programs like Reignite, a BioWare-focused podcast, and the & nbsp,” Fun” And Games Podcast. The Game Informer Show on & nbsp: Podcast Timestamps

    Intro, at 00:0:00

    Sits of Phosphorus Review, 00: 05: 17

    Armored Core VI: Rubicon Fires, 00: 24: 58

    Croc Talk at 00:38:02.

    Epic Chapter 4 Season 4 at 00:42:44

    Enjoy with your meals at Nour at 00:51:50.

    01:03:27 – Laundry

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